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Can Make Anything: London singer Elle Perry kindly lets us into her mind with deep fascination on ‘Hands’

With her delightful voice on high voltage as she looks closer in constant imagination, Elle Perry wonders about the power, creativity and uniqueness of the ‘Hands‘.

Elle Perry is a splendid London, England-based classically-trained jazz singer-songwriter and poet. She has that rare ability to pitch upwards to a level that is unimaginable to some, as you can feel her hunger to succeed in this fickle world.

Influences of mine include Joni Mitchell, Stan Getz, the poet Louise Gluck. They weave ballads and ideas, and their handling of language itself has always seemed to me to be strikingly musical. My aim has always been to create the best music that I can, drawing influence from my own experiences and modern culture.” – Elle Perry

With a moody but classy start, we stare vividly into her mind as she looks deeply at those hands to see what they are hiding inside. She sings with such assured confidence and this feels like a James Bond soundtrack that simmers deeply into your soul, as it only seems to web with mystery as the track flows deeper inside.

Hands‘ from London jazz songstress and pen-sharp songwriter/poet Elle Perry, has you floating into another level as she sings with so much desire and has your ears on full attention, simmering hot with a stunning song that will leave you shivering in anticipation. With a lot of heart and so much desire, you feel her strength and hunger through a smoothly delivered single that will have you so fascinated, on this often untouched subject.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see her IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen