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Rising Upwards: LOGUIDICE takes her invigorating music to a whole new level on ‘Elevators’

Armed with her inner self-belief which has been entrenched and ever-growing into her curious mindset since she was just 8 years-old as she drops her debut EP called ‘One‘, LOGUIDICE sounds like she knows exactly which floor is right for her soul to land on with ‘Elevators‘.

Maria Loguidice aka LOGUIDICE, is a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, Los Angeles-based indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter, pianist and Berklee College of Music graduate.

This twenty-something year old has finally found her sound through all of her heartaches and heartbreaks.” ~ LOGUIDICE

After her gorgeously projected ‘Hope This Helps EP‘ from 2020, it certainly feels like LOGUIDICE is always looking to evolve and climb up her vitally important concious road to a better path inside her admirably sensitive heart. This is another step upwards for an wildly talented and impressively hard-working artist who is truly improving after each release – as she sings with such freedom – while delighting us through succulent vocals and naturally penned lyrics – that are soaked with meaning, that you can’t help but be uplifted by.

Elevators‘ from the exhilarating Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, LA-based Pop/RnB vocalist LOGUIDICE, is a real statement from a young woman who is tired of being messed around and skipping around for someone who isn’t worth it. She sounds ready to be who she wants to be now, and sings with an inspiring aura that is Queen-like and utterly scintillating.

On a sensationally desirable beat and with such breathlessly entrancing energy flowing through into our wind-swept speakers, this is a special track from an spiritually enlightened artist who is only going one direction now. Upwards.

Hear this body-healing new single on her Spotify and see her socials via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen