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Elena Ramona – The Neon Lights: Pacifying Pop

Neon Lights is the Electro Funk Pop debut track by Elena Ramona which was released in 2017 by the Greek underground Pop act. It’s clear that the young artist has some way to go before she’s truly found her own place in the Pop scene. It pains me to say The Neon Lights is pretty much as generic as Pop gets. Whilst the lyrics are poignant, unforgiving and raw, the production of the track glazes over any autonomy which was delivered in the track before being put out to please the media masses.

But if that’s what Elena was going for, then I guess she hit the nail on the head with this track, I hope that she proves in the near future that Pop doesn’t have to be soulless, under the right direction I have no doubt that Elena Ramona can shine as bright as the neon lights she sings about. It should come as no surprise that she’s already caught the attention of the BBC and is now being played on radio stations up and down the UK.

You can check out The Neon Lights by Elena Ramona on SoundCloud now:

Review by Amelia Vandergast