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Gregory Toth – Hyperjump Love Song: Progressively Euphoric Electronica

If I were to tell you that the title “Hyperjump Love Song” pretty much tells you all you need to know about this track, you’d get a pretty good impression of how the electro mix sounds. But it wouldn’t give you much of an impression of just how refreshing the electronica mix is.

Hyperjump Love Song kicks off with cinematic appeal in the prelude before seamlessly making the transition into a mix of minimalist electro with elements of Jazz in a track which picks up plenty of momentum to lead you into more of a prog house mix.

While there’s no denying that there is some serious style and ingenuity within the electronic instrumental arrangement of the track, the vocals don’t quite do the track justice which may just be a matter of where they sit in the production. Yet, if you’re looking for a feel-good hit, you can’t go far wrong with this promising single from Gregory Toth.

You can check out Gregory Toth’s stunning single Hyperjump Love Song for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nick Sawczyn Releases His debut of Cinematically Arrestive Ambient Electronica

Up and coming artist Nick Sawczyn has made his debut with the cinematically arrestive self-titled album and in the process treated us to a strikingly mellifluous work of ambient electronica.

While many artists try and create soundscapes on the same level of transcendence, it’s clear that Nick Sawczyn has a deft command of sound through his ability to weave tension and the occasional ominous note to ensure that you are truly captivated by each progression of sound.

With the tracks from his debut release he constructed soundscapes which would be just as at home on a film score with the orchestral swells sitting so tightly with the ambient electronic arrangement. Each of the seven tracks flow to their own unique tempos, but there are also a fair amount of recurring tonalities throughout them. Some people may be under the impression that albums are becoming redundant, listening to Nick Sawczyn’s album would be all the reassurance they need that they are wrong.

You can check out Nick Sawczyn’s latest release for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Themorethanevers – Electroland: A Short & Sweet Hit of Progressively Cinematic Electronica

Electroland is the short and sweet hit from up and coming Electronica artist Themorethannevers. It may be under two minutes long, but that is exactly the amount of time to realise the striking potential that themorethanevers exhibits in this mix of experimental electronica.

Starting off with ambient synth lines, Electroland leaves you with little chance to prepare for the sharp switch up which leaves you in a futuristic mix of relentlessly vibrant beats only to fade back down into bassy break beats with classical keys.

Yet, no matter which genres Themorethanevers dabbles with in his prodigal mix each progression runs through with a cinematic ambience, you’ll find that to be a common feature with Themorethanevers signature style which feeds into every soundscape under their deft command.

You can check out Electroland along with the artist’s most recent 2019 hit “It’s Okay” for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


S.O.S – Firebrick: Emotively Arrestive Electronica

While many Electronica artists tend to leave the sentiment behind their lyrics fairly light, up and coming artist S.O.S went in the complete opposite direction and created a compelling narrative with her single “Firebrick”.

The atmospheric yet feisty instrumentals slowly gain momentum as you’re deeply immersed in the single which poignantly celebrates the strength of those who seem to constantly find themselves in toxic situations.

The metaphors which S.O.S created for Firebrick add plenty of weight to the single, add her vocal talent to the equation and it’s easy to feel crushed by the emotive hit. When you are able to draw your attention away from the vocals, you will appreciate the contemporary feel to the beat which keeps the perfect balance between moody and uplifting.

You can check out S.O.S’ stunningly soulful electronica track Firebrick for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Recycled Recitals – Some Chill Music: Smoothly Stylised Electronica

Recycled Recitals pretty much did my job for me with the title of his latest single “Some Chill Music”. But what the title failed to encapsulate was the level of arrestive hype which he managed to infuse in his cathartic beats which carry plenty of visceral energy.

Don’t expect your average electronic arrangement from the Miami-based artist, within the soundscape to Some Chill Music are infectiously feel-good Folk arrangements which brush up against the constant momentum which is laid out through the synths and drum pads. Some Chill Music stands as a testament to the independent artist and producer’s ability to create a mix which offers a cathartic level of immersivity.

If you’re looking for some potently stylised euphoria in the form of downtempo electronica, you can stream and download Some Chill Music by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rick van Meijel – Higher Frequencies: A One-Way Ticket to Transcendence

Netherlands-based artist Rick van Meijel’s own brand of electronica is an aural delight that no matter synth lines you’ve been lost in, I can guarantee you won’t have heard the like of before.

The distinctively textured elements in the soundscape to his latest single “Higher Frequencies” serve to funnel visceral emotion into the airwaves making sure that there’s no room for sterility in his sound. Through the utilisation of a number of different genres, you truly get the sense that Higher Frequencies is an exploration of sound which dares to go beyond where Indie artists have dared to travel before.

Many people still see EDM as an unfathomable genre with little accessibility, yet with Rick van Meijel’s ability to weave a tantalisingly immersive instrumental mix, it won’t be all too long before you are wrapped up in the seamless ebbs and flows of the sonically-driven sound.

You can check out Higher Frequencies for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dorin Gatman – Palm Trees: Rhythmically Rendered Waves of Ambient Electronica

If you’re looking for a smooth and easy electronic soundscape to slip into up and coming artist Dorin Gatman has recently released their latest single “Palm Trees”. For anyone who appreciated the soundtrack to the Beach, it’s probably about time you prick up your ears to the melodic ease of Dorin Gatman’s command of instrumental electronica.

Palm Trees is just one of the tracks of their most recent release “Smooth Waves, Vol. 3”; the title of the album has pretty much done the hard work for me. As there is little else to be understood about Palm Trees, other than how the euphonic synth will hit you in rhythmically rendered waves, never quite dragging you under, but making sure you are fully immersed in the sound.

You can check out Dorin Gatman’s latest single Palm Trees for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lost Aliens – Unified Stream: Prodigally Intergalactic Riff-Infused Electronica

While I was anticipating hearing a slightly Sci-Fi soundscape from Lost Alien’s latest single “Unified Stream”, nothing quite prepared me for the transcendental mesmerism which their latest single contained.

The psychedelically ambient electronic mix combines elements of rock and trance allowing the acoustic instruments to add the wavy texture to the sound around the sonic blasts of the synth around the other intergalactically-inspired electronic effects.

There’s no denying that what Lost Aliens have created with Unified Stream is nothing short of prodigal. The tight arrangement combined with the ease of the melody and levels of harmony brought by the vocals was nothing short of aural catharsis, and I’m fairly certain that’s what they were going for with the single which dropped on January 11th.

You can check out Lost Aliens’ latest single Unified Stream for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now; although I probably wouldn’t recommend doing so when you’re driving.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Myles Jaeger – Fools: Pioneering Fresh Electronica

The prodigal son of experimental electronica Myles Jaeger dropped his latest single “Fools” at the end of 2018, and in the process of doing so he has charmed an international audience with his sporadically visceral, unpredictable mix.

The track kicks off as you’d expect your average ambient lo fi Hip Hop single to unravel, but when it comes to the bridge the drop will definitely take you down with it. There’s plenty of progression packed into the single, as after the build-up Fools takes a more anthemic EDM turn with plenty of harsh and crisp smacks of reverb-drenched electronica.

When it comes to the vocals, it is not only Myles Jaeger’s vocal talent you will want to applaud, it is also the ingenious use of effects which made the vocals as much of an intrinsic part of the track as the 808’s.

You can check out Myles Jaeger’s latest single Fools out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Paul Alty Drops His Latest Electronica Album “Behind the Clock 2 – Somewhere Between the Earth and the Stars”

Paul Alty’s latest album Album “Behind the Clock 2 – Somewhere Between the Earth and the Stars” is a work of raw cinematic mesmerism. Each of the tracks from the album will lead you further down the aural rabbit hole.

There’s something tangibly ominous and Lynchian about the instrumental soundscapes which have been constructed by the Liverpool-based self-proclaimed synth geek. Yet, at the same time you’re also treated to the magnetically sonic energy which has been weaved into the hypnotically transient tracks. Each of the singles run through with an extended length to help you to immerse yourself even deeper into the tracks; if you’re looking for an instant hit of catharsis, look no further.

The atmospheric ingenuity in what has been created is something that you’re going to have to check out for yourselves. You can check out Paul Alty’s latest album for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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