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Joyeur – How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything


LA-based electro-pop duo, Joyeur helped their fans get their body beats in their intricately melodic and mindfully quintessential 10-track album, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything.

With the opening single, Underbelly, which melds Big Black Delta electronic textures with Lady Gaga-level pop supreme style, you are instantly caught off-guard by Joyeur’s ability to shine through the pain lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally. The convergences of genres switch between amalgamations of hip hop, RnB, pop and electro from there on out; the only constant, the artists inclination to vocally shine light on dimmed perspectives.

As someone who knows exactly how it feels to spin a self-destructive narrative and watch the carnage amass around my own spited belligerence, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything was so much more than just a feat of sonic serendipity.

There has never been such a succinct pop exposition on the necessity of self-awareness and accountability. Joyeur notably has what it takes to draw listeners into a world where they too see the beauty in life’s flaws through music.

The layers of synthetic elements don’t attempt anything all too grandiose between the tracks on the debut LP, leaving plenty of the sonic focus on the sanctity that streams from vocalist Joelle, who found the perfect match with her collaborator and producer, Anna Feller.

Here is what Joyeur had to say on their LP

“The album explores human themes of hopefulness, perseverance, self-acceptance and self-sabotage—experiences that have guided my writing from the beginning

I feel like I’ve torn the veil off my pain, fear, and insecurities to reveal a power that can be used for good. Empowering and accepting myself in this way feels like a gateway to letting love in and stopping undermining my own wants and needs. I can be my own worst enemy.”

The album is now available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Supercoastal brought us back to nature with her electronic intersection between art and music, Botanical Fanatical

One of the freshest names on LA’s electronica scene, Supercoastal, is fresh from the release of her debut album, Blue Noise, which converges as a hypnotic intersection between naturalistic art and music.

The standout single, Botanical Fanatical, starts as an ethereally light feat of trickling ambience before the beats kick in and transform the soundscape into a synesthesia-triggering downtempo exploration of melody. If any new summer release stands leagues apart from the rest, it’s Botanical Fanatical; Supercoastal evidently got off on the right foot with her debut, and we can’t wait for the next installation of artful aural catharsis.

Botanical Fanatical is now available to stream on Spotify, along with the rest of the debut album, Blue Noise.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get your catharsis fix with Dawn Shy’s debut ambient electronica single, Of Morning

Of Morning is the debut single from the up-and-coming solo artist Dawn Shy (Charlie Howson). The trippy downtempo electronica mix lets the drumbeats kick under the echoey, chamber-y reverb that makes Of Morning such an indulgent aural dive. Especially with the sporadic vocal samples that amplify the haunting nature Of Morning. Little more is said than the repetition of “I promised you”, but the timbre of the instrumentals that flit between light and dark textures more than gives the context.

Ambient producers have their work cut out for them when it comes to establishing themselves in any given scene. Dawn Shy succeeded nonetheless, thanks to his impeccable sense of timing, command of cathartic progressions and ability to reflect emotion through melody. His solo project may have been born through the end of uni boredom, but he is definitively one to watch

Of Morning is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

soundslikeLANG has made an indulgently accordant debut with “Hold Tight”

Electronica artist and producer soundslikeLANG has made their 2020 debut with the chill-inducingly stunning single “Hold Tight”.

The past few months have been a bumpy ride for us all, Hold Tight offers a smooth tranquillity to sink into and soak up the stylistic soul which is authentic and sincere enough to fill your own. You practically owe it to yourself to hit play.

After you’re suitably entranced by the deftly reverb-laden instrumentals, the echoed vocals are fed into the indulgently accordant mix to feed us the mantra “Hold Tight” along with timely sparse drippings of vocal optimism.

You can check out soundslikeLANG’s debut and offer it a well-deserved spot on your playlists via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast