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14th Avenue – Scar Tissue: A Seamless Spiral of Lo Fi Synth Synergy

With a penchant for pensively composed music, a track titled Scar Tissue was always going to go down well with me. Yet 14th Avenues latest 2018 debut gave me chills. The immersive swirling and muted thrashing of the Electronica beat created a succinct cacophony of tangible sound that you just can’t help but get lost in.  Unlike with most other Electronica tracks 14th Avenue provided a sweet narration of the spiral of despair that was keyed into the synthy sound. It was perhaps 14th Avenues (AKA Cole M) vocals that melted through me the most. His Lo Fi sensibility incited an irresistible charm and fragility to the track. However 14th Avenue isn’t just another Lo Fi band assimilating the same sounds as Pavement, Wavves and Neutral Milk Hotel, he’s added  urban rhythm into the vocals that turn his tracks into more of a story than simply just another superficial track.

My mind was officially blown to learn that 14th Avenue is ‘just’ a high school kid, well, now I feel pretty lazy, I wasn’t a multi-instrumentalist with the ability to play drums, guitar, bass, piano ukulele, trumpet and the harmonica alongside producing my own tracks.

If you want to be put to shame check out out 14th Avenues track Scar Tissue on Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nick West – The Watcher: Resonantly Astounding Indietronica

When you think of Indie music, you don’t normally associate the genre with hard hitting beats that would sound right home in a Hardstyle track, so I don’t think I’ll ever tire of being grateful for Nick West and his stunning debut single ‘The Wachter’ which is a sensationally infectious Indie track fused with Art Pop Electronica sounds.

Every element to his debut hit is flawless, from the cleverly sardonic lyrics that are brought to life by his resoundingly domineering voice. When you put all that up against heavy Indietronica beat you’re left with an almost beguiling sound that will no doubt be universally adored. The heavy drum machines and amplified sound reflect the passion that the UK based artist has poured into his music which will no doubt resonate with many of his listeners.

Nick’s debut EP ‘Restart’ will be released on February 23rd, 2018, until then you can listen to The Watcher on SoundCloud using the link below:

Keep up to date with Nick’s latest releases & give him a like on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Donny Hills releases a soothing new age song – Neptune

Donny Hill’s Neptune is a very mild and soothing new age song in every sense of it. its shrewd of astute compactness can make you a little more relaxed and composed when you listen to its gentle sound.

To lovers of songs that speak more of serenity and calmness, this should be your perfect choice of new calm when you need to ease off those work stress in everyday life.

Neptune is a gentle and sonorous new age song with just a hearty beat and the magic of a chilly sound combination of those musical strings that summon a restful state of affair.

Hitting the “press-play” button to listening to this song is signing up to be instantly transported to a whole new realm inside a Chevy box with cosmic grill gleaming under a bright sun.

The magic of this song is also capable to  get its listeners detached from the fixation of their ugly past experience. This quite a nice and gentle music beat that shoots its shot with the aim of erupting the feeling of wanting more as the last impression.

For the best relaxation, mediation and on-the-go song for evening jogs this song will perfectly be used to maximum length for such purpose.


Three Simple Rules: Make Music, Travel, Write About It

The simplest ideas are the best and the most effective, so when E.M Briar woke up in the middle of the night and jotted three things down in her notebook, the next day she took the first steps on a completely new direction in life. Make Music, Travel, Write About It, six words which ushered in a new chapter and which as resulted in some brilliant music.

Since then in the guise of new artist E. M Briar she set about learning a new musical skill set as well as, as she puts it, collaborated with her former self to find her inner alt-dance/pop self and the result is her debut album Dance In The Noise, from which Parity is taken. It is a smooth late night vibe rendered into pop music, but swathed also in dreamy electronica and exotic sound palettes. They say travel broadens the mind, E. M Briar’s exquisite music is certainly living proof of that fact.


Musical light and shade from New Element Music

Even though dance music might be compartmentalised into numerous sub-genres, those smaller musical territories still cover a broad range of sounds. House music wanders widely between pumping and vibrant techno driven beats and the more progressive and often intricate and ambient sounds. With latest single Duo Apart, New Element Music manage to combine the best of both worlds, walking a fine line between dynamic drive and smoother, more nuanced sound washes.

It is a heady blend of vibrant the beats which reflect the clubland pulse, groovesome, confident and full of energy, and more intricate and deftly produced vibes which are spacious and exotic, sketched only lightly from modern electronica and chilled sound washes. It is this ability to later together these different textures, the dance floor drives and the sultry spaces between that creates a wonderful play off of musical light and shade and the perfect song to bridge the gap between the nights main event and the start of the more chilled early hour vibe. Future clubland classic? It just might be.


Fernweher – Frozen Beauty: The Ethereal Flavour of Pioneering German Dark Electro

A lot of music acts break onto the scene claiming to be uniquely styled and following their own flavour yet sound exactly like every other outfit in that genre. So, when I say Fernweher are pioneering masterminds of the dark side of Electronica, you can definitely take my word for it.

The German bands contemporary, yet nostalgic composition of sound, is exactly the kind of resurrection the Alternative Electro scene has been waiting for. Their sound is somewhat of a juxtaposition of parallel lines which the band use to pave their way to notoriety with their downtempo haunting beats.

Frozen Beauty is somewhat reminiscent of bands such as Cell Dweller, Apoptygma Berzerk and Shiny Toy Guns, yet their style is far more palpably paced and twanged with the slightest touch of romanticism.

Check out the official video to Frozen Beauty via YouTube using the link below:

Link up with the band & show some love by liking their official page on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Wonderlust – I Said Maybe: Beat Driven Acoustic Bliss

The Wonderlust is a fresh, new pioneering project by the minds of two talented Downtempo electronica aficionados from Oakland, US. With Mo Corleone’s deft DJ and production skills mixed with David Shakiban’s ethereal acoustic strumming, the pair create beat driven electronica like you’ve never heard before. Their latest track, which also happens to be the first track they’ve dropped ‘I Said Maybe’ is a smooth, transient mix that combines the melody of deep acoustic guitar with the warped fusion of electronica. At 5:33 minutes long, it’s the perfect length for you to fully surrender yourself to the sound before it fades out and your dragged back to reality and hope that The Wonderlust hurry up with their debut album!

The Wonderlust have perfected the chill/lounge sound, that any prog rock, or electronica fan would love to slip into. The instrumentals guide you through waves of euphoria, as you meander through the subtle drops and swirling ring of the guitar, introducing you to an eclectic mix of sampled vocals that really draw you back into the beat.

If downtempo minimalist Electro is right up your street, check out The Wonderlusts debut track on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zander Merone – No One Else: Electronica at Its Most Sonorous

Released on January 26th, 2018, No One Else is potentially one of the most soul fuelled tracks to bring in the year. With his quiescent R&B & Soul upbeat vibes Zander Merone, otherwise known as Brandon Alexander Malone is destined to become a household name in no time at all, his deep echoes reverberate romanticism right into the heart of your soul. The rounded beats behind the track are like nothing I’ve ever heard before, they’re beyond rounded, they stretch into infinity takig your mind with them, with stylish beatdowns and complex layers of pure electronic bliss.

Iowa based student turned Beat Master Merone promises more beats over the coming months, I can’t wait to hear the fresh Utopian mixes he blasts out next if No One Else is anything to go by. His sound is succinctly mature given his age, proving once and for all, age doesn’t matter when it comes to music, he found his own place in the underground R&B scene, and track by track, he’s going to tear it apart.

If sweet sonorous R&B is up your street, check out No One Else via Soundcloud using the link below:

Show some love & Follow Zander Meroe on Facebook:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MBM – Light & Shadows: The Transcendent Trappings of Electro Synth Pop

MBM dropped their latest track ‘Light & Shadows’ on Jan, 17, 2018. Their debut trippy mix has you instantly gripped by the first verse as you wait for the hooks to snag you and drag you further into transcendence. The female vocals have that iconic Electronica Synth Pop Styling which is certainly not a sound that’s hard to miss on the radio these days. Yet the power of the vocals puts MBM in a league of their own, while listening to Light & Shadows you’re gripped by every twee pronunciation of every syllable which draws you deeper into the uplifting cacophony of sound.

If you’re a fan of Slowdive, London Grammar, My Bloody Valentine or Angel Olsen, you can’t go wrong with this track and it’s immersive, ambient beats. You could hear a pin drop against the muted, yet monolithically rounded sounds that are weaved into the seamless progression of this track.

Check out the official lyric video for Light & Shadows via YouTube:

If you’re as taken with MBM as I am, why not check out their official website for more:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dinny Skip May Be The Outlandish Genius We Need In The World Of Music!

A true disruption in the Indie music world, “About A Bot” is a completely wild, quirky, and outlandish song that is very unique to say the least. An electronic pop song with rapping, plenty of synthesizers, and a sequenced horn section. This might be just the fun, playful, and joyous sound that 2018 needs!

“About A Bot” has a pretty cool story within the lyrics. A guy who keeps constantly being rejected by normal human girls decides to build a robotic girlfriend and programs her to love him. The selling point in this song is in the sheer absurdity of it! Where else are you going to find an electronic pop/rap song about a rejected guy who builds a robotic girlfriend? You’re not! Not even the wild ‘80s music scene offered this kind of song!

As difficult as it may be to take Dinny Skip seriously with “About A Bot”, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to argue that Dinny Skip may actually be quite the genius in his endeavors. You will find yourself talking about this one, whether you know it or not!

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