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The impressive Nic Silver drops debut song called ‘Reborn in a Dream’

Nic Silver returns with his new electronic-powered single called ‘Reborn in a Dream‘.

Nic Silver is a Swedish artist and electronic music producer based in London. He has a marvelous feel for the sounds that emanates from his brain, soul and blossoming beard.

I feel like this song has taken me back to the 80’s somehow. The sounds are earthy and fresh, there are lots of colors and the vibe is alight like a beautiful burning candle. The waxy grooves are entertaining, my mouth is getting thirsty imagining being on the dance-floor, getting all sweaty while listening to this vibe live.

I do feel reborn after this experience and that is exactly what Nic Silver wanted. ‘Reborn in a Dream‘ transports you like a fantasy-fulfilling vivid dream and you feel like things are going to be okay. Life is to be enjoyed and danced to, not cooped up outside.

Stream this succulent synth-fest that will make you blush on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Slip into David Taylor’s transcendently light mix “hours”

Australian Electronica artist and producer David Taylor has recently released their distinctively sweet Lo-Fi Chill EP 050392. The perfect introduction to their catharsis-spilling sound is “hours”.

The hazily blissful track which comes with slight Chill Hop nuances may not easily squeeze into any constrained branch of Electronica, but it does ooze potent and organic good vibes. With the warm tones and the transcendently light textures, hours is an incredibly easy track to slip into and get pulled along by the seamless reverb-soaked progressions.

It’s not every day we can say the Electronica we hear serves up plenty of soul, but discernibly, David Taylor isn’t your average producer. After hearing their latest release, we’re stoked to hear where their sound which drips with commercial potential takes them next.

You can check out David Taylor’s EP 050392 for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


New producer Menna opens up the sky with debut edm gem ‘Sunset’

Menna is a brand new house producer and he is here with his debut song called ‘Sunset‘.

Canadian based DJ and electronic dance music artist Daniel Menna, or simply Menna, soulfully blasts off his music career with a real dance banger.

There is a sunset feel here as the beat gets more and more in the trance-house vibe with added tropical fruits to keep us dancing all night. This is a song best played under the stars, on a yacht or during a date. This is a luscious daze of a song that will have your grin on full blast. The young producer brings us a marvel of a song that is purely to be enjoyed to make the night young again.

Sunset‘ from Menna is a fab party track that is perfect for those sunny days or sweaty late nights.

Stream this new track here on Soundcloud.

Click here for the Spotify channel.

Check out Insta to follow this new artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


‘Soup and Chili’ from BahbissCobb is an electronic journey of darkness

Bahbiss Cobb is the solo project of Eric Curry and he has just returned with his new moody electronic track called ‘Soup and Chili‘.

After being in the game doing electronic music for around 12 years, you can feel the experience in this producers music. He has made his own signature beat that certainly delves into your ears and takes you a journey.

The beats are dark and gloomy. They match the song’s cover art as this is all about what is going on in the world as we speak. The energy is underground with a tech house feel. This is all about what we are doing to the world and feel like I am floating over earth while listening to this, my expression is of shock as the world is so tainted.

Soup and Chili‘ from Bahbiss Cobb is a wild ride into the dark side with electronically charged energy that will amaze your heart.

Stream this new song right here on the Soundcloud channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Equalisation – Lampedusa ft. Sean Taylor: Soberingly Oceanic Electronica

For their latest track, “Lampedusa” Experimental Electro artist Equalisation teamed up with Sean Taylor to create potentially one of the most sobering tracks we’ve heard this year. While there have been a fair few protest songs released on the varying disparities which are crippling the globe, there haven’t been which were quite as ominously captivating as Lampedusa.

Echoes of existential foreboding sit atop of the oceanic Electronica soundscape while the lyrics allow your imagination to stretch and put your reality into perspective.  Even though ambience and light textures present in the mix, deep and reverberant doom can also be found within the complex layers of Lampedusa.

You can check out the lyric video from the latest single from Equalisation’s featuring Sean Taylor for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MXK feat Olivia Meade – Air: Haunting Humility from The Underground

MXK’s debut single Air featuring Olivia Meade is a hallowing mix of synth pop which captures the contempt of every women ever scorned as the narrative lyrics unravel, gripping you as they lead you through the track demanding that you share in her melancholy.

Along with acts such as Angel Olsen, London Grammar, Big Thief & Heavy Heart, this artist has got some stiff competition but with their first ever single, MXK and Olivia have blown it out of the park by creating this delectably dark ensemble that you can listen to time and time again.

To say that Air is an empowering track is possibly the biggest understatement I could make. The beautifully stunning singer song writer Olivia has been around on the underground with her guitar since 2009, it’s a tragic sign of the times that this track isn’t being blasted by every mainstream radio station.

Along with her staggering vocal ability, Olivia Meade is also a multi-instrumentalist, but her true talent lies in the passion she packs into her sound to create a powerfully transgressive mix with MXK.

Check out the debut single Air via Spotify:


Harvey Lemmings ‘Latley’ Will Take Listeners Through A Musical Journey

Harvey Lemmings is an artist who managed to perfect his unique take on genres such as electronic music, experimental, ambient or neo-soul.

His sound is striking because it can appear extremely sophisticated, yet pleasantly simple, appealing to a wide variety of crowds and listeners. With his brand new release, Lately, Harvey managed to progress yet another step forward in his songwriting and production aesthetics. This song is a perfect example of what happens when balance is taken into account. This artist managed to craft the music with a particular attention to details, making for a very special combination of edgy energy and personable intimacy.

“Lately” will take listeners through an exciting musical journey, where rhythm dances along with melody, creating something really special. When listening to this music, Harvey reminds me of artists such as Tame Impala or Flying Lotus, just to mention a few. The sound is roomy and expansive, yet humble and down to earth, making for an absolutely special compromise between ambiance and intimacy.