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Neoclassic Electronica Took a Dark Turn with Brikcs’ latest single ‘Water’

Icelandic genre-bender, Brikcs, may have earned their artistic stripes in Rock and Metal bands, but with his solo work, the imagery which his synth-driven music conjures is just as beguiling as the haunting strings which quiver over grand piano keys.

‘Water’ is a darkly mesmeric introduction to their Neoclassic evocative style, once you dive in, your consciousness is overridden for 3:33 resolving minutes as you lock into the production, quiescent enough for you to hear a pin drop, intense enough to leave you with chills.

The contrast between the abrasive lyricism and the classically-inspired instrumentals which border on the celestial leaves plenty of room for your mind to wander between dark and light. Brikcs found the perfect balance between artful Avant-Garde and accessibility, which will undoubtedly put him in good stead with his solo career in 2021 and beyond. Lord knows we need to replace Nick Cave before he gets any more right-wing.

Water is available to stream (pun definitely intended) via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast