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Paravida have us all ‘Thinking Too Much’.

With ‘Thinking Too Much’, Paravida deliver a four-minute slice of insanely catchy electronic-indie rock in this, their sophomore single. Kicking off with some beautiful old-school TR808 drum sounds and a set of vocal samples before dropping in fully with the electronic dance-cum-rock track proper, ‘Thinking Too Much’ sounds a little like Gorrilaz dueting with Mika, but in an updated, modern way, a perfect blend of ‘proper’ instrumentation and electronica.

Catchy, dance-y, and altogether upbeat, there’s some beautifully comped, Celemony-style vocal processing on the chorus contrasting elegantly with the up-front straighter verse lyrical delivery, a bouncy staccato bass-line carrying the whole track and squirming its way deep into your bones. If ‘Thinking Too Much’ doesn’t stay in your head for days after that first listen, then it’s entirely possible that you’re already clinically dead.

Hear ‘Thinking Too Much’ on Spotify.

Review by Alex Holmes.