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East London’s underground comes alive: The Miller Test brings the old school class back on ‘Better Than You’

After years of being the house band, they have lifted up about of their local pub, to morph into a recording act. The ultimate underdogs of the UK music scene, are now ready for their time to go global. The haunting start brings back some memories of that 80’s kind of feel, and it gets better and better with melodies that catch your heart jumping a beat or two. East London’s The Miller Test have been playing together for over 10 years, but bring their long-awaited sounds to help inspire us all, during these tough times on ‘Better Than You’.

His voice hits the heights that are deemed too hard to try, the dancer is stuck in the bottle for the time being, and you wonder if she will ever come out. She spins around and around, just like 2020 has been for most of us. You can feel that the band know each other so well, the former house band at Hackney’s classic pub Biddles Bros, their name is known all over the East part of London, as the unknown legends.

The music is so intertwined with the old school sound and they have ignored all current fake fads to make something so real to the soul, a hug to the heart even if the mood is quite sombre.

This Funk Is Political, the album that they have probably been talking about for ages, has come alive and re-awakened their soul, to add their name to the recorded band’s around the world. A true sign of respect from the music snobs who scoff at the lack of music output, their noses now down very quick, as the band smile in reflective mood on this victory from within.

The Miller Test are supremely intelligent on ‘Better Than You‘ and this is the start of something so glorious. The dancer made it out of the bottle, and so did the band.

Follow the journey here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen