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The devil is in the visceral detail in Tatum Quinn’s latest alt-rock unveiling, Sell Your Soul

The price was evidently right in Tatum Quinn’s latest quintessential feat of viscerally jarring alt-rock “Sell Your Soul”. The arrestingly torrid and industrially mechanised track perfectly captures the frustration that becomes all-consuming in the presence of something that you would do anything for – pressing self-destruct and tearing apart the fabric of your reality not off the table.

The lyrics (Ring his phone just to check if the devil is home) are just as efficacious as the post-rock-meets-pop-hook instrumentals and Quinn’s hell-hath-no-fury vocals at depicting the kind of psyche storms that are enough to make you swear off wanting for good. Sell Your Soul seriously gives Chase & Status’ Let You Go’ a run for its money in terms of gravitas and intensity.

Sell Your Soul is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

apatternimperfect – Entrance: Disqueitly Ambient Alt Eltronica

Give your Portishead records a rest and delve into the ethereal tones in Alt Electronic Rock artist, apatternimperfect’s, standout single ‘Entrance’.

With a Post-Punk style prelude, Entrance starts to unravel to the tune of cavernously haunted vocals and trepidation-laden beats. The deftly-placed static amplifies the disquiet energy of the release as it builds to a climax of jarring buzzsaw riffs to mesmerisingly hypnotic effect.

apatternimperfect is the latest creative project by English producer, composer and songwriter, Rob Wacey. After honing-in on his talent in a myriad of successful bands, he put his accumulated talent to work, orchestrating deeply emotional tracks which offer a cathartic formula of ambience, pulsating rhythms and haunting vocals.

You can check out apatternimperfect’s single Entrance for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.


Review by Amelia Vandergast