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Hiva Oa – Souvenir: Funk-Addled Pensive Indie

Hiva Oa’s have taken their latest Electro Indie Pop single Souvenir in a captivatingly experimental new direction. The sound is one thing, the energy is quite the other. There is so much essence packed into the intense multi-layer progressions you’re left wondering how the sound so seamlessly switched from one soundscape to another. Whilst you’re relatively sure you’re listening to an Indie track unfold during the verses by the time the track fades out, you’re immersed in a visceral pulsating EDM rhythm.

If the Belfast-based trio’s single Souvenir doesn’t end up in the Indie charts, then I may have to lose all faith with the music buying public. Their dynamic sound is undoubtedly unrivalled thanks for their ability to weave together a catalogue of high-octane styles and persuasions to create some of the most perfectly orchestrated melodies I’ve ever heard.

Souvenir is due for release from September 17th, until then, check out the band’s earlier releases via Spotify and wait for the drop.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Promises Promises – What Love Is: Prodigally Pounding Electro Indie Pop

When’s the last time you heard Acid House in synergy with Indie Pop? No, I can’t say it happens for me a lot either which was why I was absolutely stoked to come across Promises Promises latest single What Love Is. Released on the 4th of May, the track has already gained deserved attention for Promises Promises ability to create one of the most immense mixes I’ve heard dropped this year.

The Bristol based Electronic Pop 4-piece powerhouse of musicians have a command over the fluidity of sound that you don’t hear orchestrated all too often. Their dynamic approach is quite literally a breath of fresh air. Jonny Marenghi’s soaring lead vocals over the beat hit the perfect pitch to let the sentimentality behind the lyrics really resonate. It’s bands like Promises Promises who prove that guitar music isn’t dead. They’ve brought it into a brand new arena, as much as I love a good 808 beat there’s just no substituting for the smack of a drum stick on a skin.

You can catch the official video to What Love Is on YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast