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Finding healing in the calm waters of nature: Lex Suntane glitches the matrix within on ‘REFLECTIONZ’ (ft. jeighkob)

Lex Suntane is back with his edgy new turn-it-up-loud single, that has you thinking about those peaceful moments away from the crazy city life on ‘REFLECTIONZ‘ (ft. jeighkob).

Alex Russell aka Lex Suntane, is an electrifying Irish-born indie electro-glitch pop rapper/singer from Dublin, who now resides in thriving West London in England. He makes that sensational new school type of music, that soars into the busy mind and helps you find clarity again.

With a glitch-filled beat that soars around and catches you daydreaming to the sweet sensation emanating from your sizzling speakers, this is a special track that crystallizes before your eager ears and transmits a peaceful energy to help you delve deeper into your overactive mind and be safe from doubts again.

REFLECTIONZ‘ (ft. jeighkob) from Irish electro-glitch pop artist Lex Suntane, gives you that bone shaking feeling when you press play, as your body has the inner-urge to dance along and be free for a while away from all the stresses of life. This is that weekend away soundtrack to 2021, that encourages us to take a break and look deep inside our souls, to find out who we really are.

When things are crazy in life, you have to take some time out to really thoroughly reflect and remember where you are going again. Finding peace is the key but you have to be the one to open the lock from within, to find what you ultimately desire.

Hear this gripping gaze of a magnificent single on Spotify and see his vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen