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Tim J Grant – Fooled Another Man: Experimentally Electric Synth Pop

Fluorescent Lamp Pop by Tim J Grant

Fooled Another Man is just one of the experimentally vibrant tracks from Tim J Grant’s latest album ‘Fluorescent Lamp Pop’.

The Los Angeles based Synth Pop artist teamed up with vocalist Ina Bravo who did more than match the emotion which hits you curtesy of the instrumental progressions. I’d struggle finding any act to compare to Tim J Grant because it’s safe to say no other Electro artist is currently composing mixes like him          , a lot of experimental artists will be obscure for the shock factor, yet, Tim J Grant toes the perfect line between obscurity and genius. The mix of acoustic instrument and digital effects is nothing short of ingenious. Whilst you may be able to describe EDM as euphoric, that doesn’t even come close to the alchemic chaos which went into Fooled Another Man. There is simply no putting into words how deep the hooks to Fooled Another Man are, the melodies possess an almost orchestral compelling energy which draws you even further into the track.

You can stream Tim J Grant’s single Fooled Another Man for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast