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Hyper-pop originator, KAWAII HOE, delivered hyper-surreal alchemy with their debut single, Kaleidoscope Love

KAWAII HOE’s debut single “Kaleidoscope Love” synthesises the future of hyperpop with layers of 8-bit nostalgia in a boundary-pushing production. With a backdrop that cuts across familiar trends, KAWAII HOE charted a course to untouched alt-pop territory; the sticky-sweet anthem uses a throbbing backbeat and heavy basslines to create a compelling contrast with the crystal clear, autotuned vocals that endlessly ascend into otherworldly euphony.

The single doesn’t merely add to the cacophony of generic love songs; KAWAII HOE transforms the quest for love into the epicentre of their narrative, presenting it with a purity and serenity that belies the intense musical undercurrents.

KAWAII HOE weaves together influences from icons like 100 gecs, Charli XCX, and Dorian Electra, creating a quirky and unapologetically experimental tapestry, stitched by hyper-surreal alchemy. We can’t wait to hear the next installation of ingenuity after this exceptionally promising debut.

Kaleidoscope Love was officially released on March 23rd; stream the release on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jason Grillo – Eighteen: Viscerally Electric Pop

Eighteen is the latest Pop Hit from up and coming recording artist Jason Grillo that leaves no time for an introduction. The rulebook for creating an archetypal Pop hit was well and truly out of the window when the singer songwriter composed this viscerally electric hit. Eighteen is a track which throws you right back to that awkward age where you watch everyone around you take a different path, so to say Jason Grillo’s track resonates almost sounds like an understatement.

The Pop beat comes alive through acoustic instrumentals alongside digital effects, which simultaneously leads Eighteen into Indie Pop and EDM Pop soundscapes. There are very few Pop artists out there to date who pack as much emotion and momentum into the lyrics as they do the beat. If I don’t hear Jason Grillo’s beats pounding through the monitors to a heaving dancefloor in years to come, I may just loose all faith in DJs.

You can check out Jason Grillo’s latest single Eighteen for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast