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New White Shoes: Charles Keyte sings from the reflection in her eyes on ‘Euphoria’

After releasing ‘Seaside Town‘ and ‘Stuck In The Hole‘, Charles Keyte returns with the fantastic new song that will put you in a state of ‘Euphoria‘.

Charles Edward Keyte aka Charles Keyte, is a determined Leicester, England-based indie singer-songwriter. He started off with EDM tunes, to now be performing a soothing mix of indie rock music, that settles the stomach and has your head nodding along with him.

This is the story of having a crush that is like a perfect score in the exam, everything about them makes you happy and you see so much goodness when you take a closer look. You are feeling so good whilst looking at them, as you smile to yourself and wonder if you could be together. That purple hair has you struck and you like it.

He sings with such a gritty style and the electric guitar strikes hot into your mind as you bounce along and get caught up in this wonderful gaze, that has you thinking about your dream human.

Euphoria‘ from the very talented Charles Keyte, has us singing along with this fine singer who has brought us a real gem here. This is a laid-back song that has you thinking so sweetly — as your stress heals from this mellow ambiance — that has you happy inside.

Hear this awesome new single from a passionate young artist on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

NYC Alt-Rockers Heavenly Faded power in with ”CTRL”

There is a sense of awaking for this young band from New York City, USA. They realize that the momentum is on their side as they want to be in control of their music career. Sadly 2020 has ruined that festival and concert wise. However, when it comes to releasing music and getting it out to their fans, this is the time.

Heavenly Faded take us into their band room with their new single ”CTRL”. This is a plea for some soul saving as the music game can get a bit crazy sometimes. I feel like the band saved themselves a bit for this one. When they are playing live I bet it will be a bit more fast paced and still with that strong guitar riff and excellent drumming. This New York band are making quite the name for themselves after a few big gigs before COVID-19.

This is the follow up to the punchy ”Constellations”, the band’s most popular song so far. A band on the rise and surely itching to get back up on stage to break some guitars and blow a few speakers.

Stream the new song from this powerful New York City band right here on their Soundcloud page and get more rock in your life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Don’t Have To Be Beautifully Mad To Work Here, But It Helps

Silhouette by Beautifully Mad

The best music connects with you at a subconscious level. You can analyses, deconstruct and debate the merits of it till the cows come home but real genius is already talking to you on an altogether more subtle level. In fact not just talking, the best music will have knocked on the door of your subconscious holding a bunch of flowers, wined and dined it and will be curled up on the sofa with it before your conscious half has even managed to get out of bed.

And so it is with Silhouette, the titular offering from Beautifully Mad’s latest album and the real genius is that you have been listening to this band all of your life, you just may not have realised it. You have heard them in the lyricism of Leonard Cohen, the drunken grooves of Tom Waits, the sass of a whole range of blues divas and the virtuosity of blues informed rock guitarists. It is timeless and inevitable but still brilliantly original and totally necessary.