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Feel Your Taste: Eldric Laron has many romantic interests by the bundle on Risen

Known previously for his electric slam poetry, Eldric Laron turns up the sunshine and slides on those sunglasses in style with his smoothly assembled new single called Risen.

Eldric Laron is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper, songwriter and music producer who has dealt with tough times and continues to elevate on all levels.

Recognized for his work as a member of the musical collective, Critical Theory, he continues to showcase his unique ability to story-tell, produce and create catchy melodies.” ~ Eldric Laron

Impressing us with a rather memorable single, Eldric Laron has the kind of rare skillset which could flip any perspective around no matter what the situation.

Risen from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper/music producer Eldric Laron is one of the more dynamic singles likely to be heard this year. Sizzling with honesty and wrapped in a coat of class, this is a rather fine song to turn up loud and proud.

Rising through our souls and elevating our minds to open up a new door, we find a rather soothing track to get exhilarated with.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen