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Kiss Your Face: Moon sings so beautifully on the calming single ‘The Song of Wind’

Featuring an atmospheric-like guitar breeze that is so wonderfully peaceful, Moon flashes through gracefully with his immense quality on the love-searching single ‘The Song of Wind’.

US-based Chinese artist Moon, is a peaceful indie-pop solo artist and food enthusiast, who left his homeland to truly be free. He sings about being gay, love, his journey, and all the pressures and confusion that come with finding himself, in this often-harsh world.

I moved to the US 8 years ago after determining there is simply no future for me in my home country China. I am the eldest son in my family and thus carry all the heavy expectations of my generation. But I am also gay, and cannot possibly fulfill the duties my traditionalist culture demands.” ~ Moon¬†

As he sings with such a deep tone and a calming nature, you feel his warm embrace through the speakers as he tries to find the road he knows, he should go down to be truly happy. Something is holding him back right now – as he tries his best to work out what it is – so that he may fulfill his promise which he intends on keeping.

The Song of Wind‘ from the US-based Chinese indie-pop solo musician Moon, is a sad tale about wanting to be with someone so badly, but you just can’t seem to be together. The journey to this place seems impossible right now as you tear up softly, imagining the day when your eyes and lips may lock tight like they wish to.

Being in love is one thing, but going to distance to make it happen, is the true key to unlocking all its beauty.

Hear this deep single on YouTube and see more news on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen