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Israel-based jazz artist Eldad Ben Naim shows us deep inside the mystery that is, ‘Rephael’

After the hypnotic blend that infused our minds with ‘Welcome Night‘, Eldad Ben Naim returns with the latest single off his 8-track album ‘Watersoul‘, with ‘Rephael‘.

Eldad Ben Naim is an Eilat, Israel-based indie jazz artist who makes that comforting music that features an array of classy instrumentals.

Showing us his mesmerizing skillset that has developed rather fantastically over time, Eldad Ben Naim has dropped a significantly weighty track that shall certainly get you turning up the volume as this is a song to truly respect. He seems to have the rare gift of tranquillity, in a world that has so many fires that it seems like we don’t have enough leaders to extinguish the stifling heat from the souls of humankind.

Rephael‘ from Eilat, Israel-based indie jazz musician Eldad Ben Naim is one of those songs that shall give you a slight shiver as its rhythmical blend of drum-filled melodies and transformative energy, might grip your whole spirit. There is so much to delve into here as you imagine this to be a single in a melodramatic movie, that has you totally stirred into an enchanted glow.

Sometimes songs are made to lead you into more tranquil waters, which is far from any carnage that can break you down forever if you aren’t careful.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via his Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eldad Ben Naim has delivered his hypnotic electro-jazz fusion score, Welcome Night

With a score that feels like a jazzier and smokier version of Bladerunner’s aural phonoaesthetic, Eldad Ben Naim’s seminal single, Welcome Night, is a hypnotic introduction to the jazz fusion virtuoso’s gift when it comes to laying down beguilingly elegant arrangements.

The electro-jazz instrumental soundscape puts a polyphonic spin on the blazing solos that you’d expect to blast from a sax or guitar, giving the score a playfully eccentric edge, but never compromising on the high-brow alchemy which keeps flowing your way throughout the entire duration of the 6-minute release. If you’re not left entranced by the outro, you should be pretty worried about the state of your soul.

You can check out Eldad Ben Naim’s single, Welcome Night for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Eldad Ben Naim shows us inside the calming energy of the ‘Watersoul’

Taken off his recent 8-track album release, Eldad Ben Naim is at his majestic best with a song so calming you will feel that you are deep inside the wonder of our planet with ‘Watersoul‘.

Eldad Ben Naim is an Eilat, Israel-based indie-jazz solo musician who makes a relaxing mix of ambience goodness that will settle any irregular nerves from those common stressful situations.

Guiding us away from the bustling city that can distract us from that all-important mental health that we need to keep a close eye on, Eldad Ben Naim projects kindness and understanding with an instrumental single of the highest standard. You feel his bond with the earth and the whole composition here is such a spiritual experience, no matter where you are in the world.

Watersoul‘ from Eilat, Israel-based indie-jazz solo artist Eldad Ben Naim, flows brilliantly into your tired heart with such a skilful mix of different elements that are rather peaceful and filled with only caring intentions. This is the ideal track to play after a long week as you soak in the bath, or feel like meditating to some tranquil soundscapes that have your whole consciousness in tune with nature. Made with real care, you will feel deeper and see more clearly after immersing yourself in this tremendously serene single.

Hear this stunning new release on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eldad Ben Naim brings a new flavour to jazz fusion with ‘In a Way of Jazz’

With his contemporary style and flair that doesn’t alienate the old school jazz aficionados, Eldad Ben Naim’s debut jazz fusion album, Watersoul, is an indulgent aural escape away from the fray of modernity.

The time signatures may be complex, but that does little to hinder the mellifluous pull of the melodies in the lead single, In a Way of Jazz. The extended track uses tribal elements along with metronomic effects to keep you entranced through the progressions. As In a Way of Jazz evolves, the sax finds its centre in the soundscape before the electric guitars start to bring arresting gravity to the release. Any existential weight you were carrying before the ambient and experimental outro will undoubtedly dissipate. The instrumental track is enough to leave your soul 10 pounds lighter.

In a Way of Jazz is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast