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Love Is A Lie: Eka Laki wants to move on forever with I Give, You Take

Taken from her bilingual looper-filled 9-track debut album In my reality and with eight music videos on the way, Eka Laki shows us that splendidly real Pharrell Williams, James Blake, and Rosalia-inspired energy on I Give, You Take.

Eka Laki is a Cologne, Germany alt-pop singer-songwriter who performs in both English and Georgian with RnB, afrobeat and EDM all wonderfully fused together.

Eka relaunched her career in 2018. Over the next four years, she released seven singles, created covers on Twitch, and directed her music videos. In 2019 she participated in a contest for female songwriters and won a trip to a songwriting school at Musikmakarna in Sweden.” ~ Eka Laki

After feeling her buttons pushed and fed up with the toxic situation, the barefooted angel Eka Laki wonders if the ex-lover actually gave a damn. Sensing the denial and fake love showered in like a bee sting, she looks for that reinvigorated liveliness to wrap around her cold heart like a hot shower after being stuck in a freezing lake.

I Give, You Take from Cologne, Germany alt-pop artist Eka Laki is a reborn single for anyone who needs to move on from the past. Produced with raw frankness and projected as a light away from the dark corner of doom, we find a tremendously insightful single to embrace for its genuineness.

When you feel like your body has been used for all its previous compassion, it’s best to move on.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen