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Silky and hot beats combined with pain: Ohio’s fiercely indie emcee SilkyFway drops ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION)

Multi-talented Columbus, Ohio creative SilkyFway is a self-motivated certified audio engineer, graphic designer and emcee who is back with the Hip-Hop rolled ‘Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION).

This is a man who decided to pick up the mic after a few of his childhood friends decided to opt out of music. He was the producer at the time but felt compelled to try out the other side of the studio. The bug bit like a hungry mosquito having a Thanksgiving feast and the rest as they say, is history.

The atmospheric start has an earthy feel to it and your hungry ears are soon pricked up to immerse this whole experience into the deepest part of your soul. His lyrical ability and ferociously clear smokey vocals blaze through to the speakers as we are sparked up to full breath.

Real feelings of love don’t fade ever and this is the story of that numb stage you feel when something happens with you and your special human. Things were strong but love faded and now you spend your time trying to mask the pain with the earth’s medicine. You will move on but right now you need time to heal up inside and this is the cloudy path that blankets you at the moment.

Love Drug’ (prod. EGGACION) is the tale of how love can twist you up into knots for a while from Ohio’s multi-skilled SilkyFway. He lights up a story that shows us that no matter how strong you are inside, sometimes you need time to heal up and replenish your heart in your own way.

Check out the YouTube video and see the fast-rising journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen