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You Never Looked So Blue: Superb Brighton dark-pop artist Hannah Evans feels like they are running out of time with ‘Something’

With her brand new single that is track number 5 from her sparkling debut EP called ‘I Wish You Could’ve Seen Me Grow‘, Hannah Evans needs to say the words and is waiting for the precise time to end things on ‘Something‘.

Hannah Evans is a fast-rising Brighton, UK-based dark alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who has a vocal ability that might put euphoric shivers into your whole naked spine.

Lockdown in the UK in 2020 and 2021 allowed Hannah to focus on her new wave of material as well as exciting plans for the future. She also focused on social media, launching a Tik Tok profile, which has since stacked up over 2 million views. Hannah also collaborated on multiple songs, songwriting for other artists as well as features in various genres. Her most recent collaboration was a feature on a sync track ‘Let You Down’, produced by Harry Cho.” ~ Hannah Evans

With her striking long locks flowing into the chilly breeze as she slides on the sunglasses and glances back at the past, Hannah Evans is effortlessly excellent on a sensational track that will have you in such a reflectively contemplative mood. She sings with a crisply cool quality without trying too hard, as you feel like you have just been transfixed by an astonishing talent who grabs your attention without fuss.

Something‘ from the remarkably promising Brighton, UK-based dark alt-pop solo singer-songwriter Hannah Evans, is one of those special tracks you just know is truly excellent from the first few seconds. She shows us into her mindset with a former lover who she cared for tremendously but soon saw straight through, as their repeated actions made her realize that they were indeed the wrong person to be with. Life is all about connecting with a soul that reinvigorates you to be better, not to downtrodden your dreams and leave you feeling like you have wasted your time.

Hear this fantastic talent on Spotify and see more on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Something Changed: Sublime South Seattle rapper Bundy wonders deeply if the vitally important spark has gone for good on ‘Wild’

The proud cousin of the late great Jimi Hendrix returns, as Bundy ponders making a massive decision that could change everything that was so strong and passionate before on the excellent visuals for ‘Wild‘.

Bundy is a thriving South Seattle-based indie rapper. He has a clear-to-see burning fire raging inside him to be the best that he can possibly be – as he flows harmoniously with a real confident edge – and you feel his quality here with a superb effort.

Bundy’s ultimate goal is to have a similar cultural impact if not greater with his sound in Hip-Hop as his cousin did in Rock & Roll.” – Bundy

He raps intelligently with such a calm nature and everything seems so effortless as he drops bars like someone who knows where he is headed in life. His style is smoothly textured, he flips the switch early on and its easy to be impressed. The quick-fire chorus has your head bouncing and the beat thumps into your mind, with so much inviting vigor.

Wild‘ from the rising South Seattle-based rapper Bundy, is the relevant story about being with someone who you care about so much and everything is so great. Then suddenly something changed as their devious actions worry you, and you get a feeling deep in your gut that really bugs you. After trying to brush it away, it just keeps on growing and you know what to do next. This decision will either make or break everything – as you grapple with either carrying on like everything is okay – or instead making a fresh start to something new, that will probably surprise many.

Ultimately, you have to make tough decisions in life that many won’t understand. There is only one person who sees you in that mirror each day after all.

See this new quality music video on YouTube and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

South Californian singer-songwriter Autumn Knight sings of a new perspective on the excellent single ‘Start Again’

South Californian singer-songwriter Autumn Knight sings of a new perspective on the excellent single ‘Start Again‘ and this is such a glorious song. With an effortless style, the vocals here transcends this horrible year and we are in for a treat here with this extra bit of quality.

Taken off the full album called ‘Here and Now‘, this is such a gorgeously made single that is performed so effortlessly and the vocals are so crystal clear. Raised by a music-loving family, making music was always on the cards and you can feel this natural talent inside your bones and also the many hours spent to perfect each second.

You are strong but know you need to start again and be in control of your own journey. Heartbreak is hard but you know that it is needed to heal and that is what you are going to do.

Autumn Knight is a young artist but performs with such maturity on ‘Start Again‘. You can feel the pain in her voice and she puts on a real show here with a stunning song that patches up that sad heart.

Sometimes in life you hear a song and just know that this is someone that just has it. A fine single with a real story is always appreciated and this is a highlight for our soul to enjoy.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this stunning track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen