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Love And Be Loved: Mary Cross sings with sultry romance on ‘Promise’

With her classy dress on and with that romantic glint in her eye, Mary Cross is here with her new single all about the love of her life on ‘Promise‘.

Mary Cross is a classic soul singer who performs with grace and class, making that loving music about relationships, as she glides in with lyrics about what the heart really wants in this often confusing world.

She keeps things simple with a voice that hits the high notes with effortless charm, her smile radiant throughout as she slides through each verse with aplomb.

This is the sweet story about how love needs to remain pure and the way it should be, avoiding modern day traps so that you stay with that one person, making sure that you support each other and keep that romance alive and bright, just like it was intended.

Promise‘ from from the American songstress Mary Cross, is a real statement of ever-lasting love from a soul singer who believes in those special life changing moments, when you meet someone incredible and you feel like they respect you so much, they will love you no matter what obstacles you shall face over the years.

Watch the music video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen