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New artist Noh encapsulates the sea on debut track ’20k Leagues’

Noh is an artist based out of Los Angeles in stunning California in the USA and he returns with his new song called ‘20k Leagues‘.

You need to be free and away from all the sunburn of the world. Deep down in the ocean you have a chance to reboot and feel the deep soul of the sea and it’s salt water cleanser. Let your heart be the guide cause minds change like the tide is the mantra of this artist who likes to experiment and come up with new styles.

1 half of Rap Group Samuri from Los Angeles in the USA with Ratman Sage, Noh is looking for freedom here as he wants to be under the ocean and away from all the nonsense. He raps with vigor here and won’t be drowned in this wild world no matter what.

20k Leagues‘ is a fine track from this new artist who has certainly made an impression already. This is a musician with the vision to have a huge career if he keeps away from all the distractions.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Click here for Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mahan. returns with lo-fi gem ‘Wooden Spoon’

Upcoming Lo-fi producer mahan. is back with a fantastic video that captures life in ‘Wooden Spoon‘.

mahan. drops a star gazing beat that has me smiling from ear to ear. This is exactly what the day needed from overthinking and needing a boost. This is exactly the tonic as the beat dazzles your soul and your ears feel like they are sliding around in a water park.

From witnessing a fire near to his house, we are then kick-flipped to a skate park with lots of tricks, 420 and real life. This is the way on the street, you have to be tough otherwise you get swallowed up. This is all about getting the wooden spoon and not the gold one. That’s okay too, it’s all about making your own journey and living your dreams.

mahan’s ‘Wooden Spoon‘ is a song you send to your friends and that is what makes it so great. The earthy feel and authentic style is what we should all crave.

Stream this lo-fi gem of a song here on YouTube.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreamy Hip Hop lofi-electro with ”Breeze” from Locke Aizen

Chicago emcee Locke Aizen is a fan of a few genres and you can get lost in his music easily. The dew-tipped pleasurable beats that make me so chilled inter-lock like a web of tricks on my heart. This is lofi-hip hop with lots of experimental legs to bite your earlobes just a little.

Breeze” does exactly what the name states. This new track from the US artist breezing into my soul and doesn’t unlatch in the slightest. This is the follow up to the smoky-filled ”Clouded’‘ a song that is also produced effortlessly by Keagz.

Locke Aizen flows in with his new creation ”Breeze” and I am highly impressed here. There is a sad realization here that perhaps he can’t be with the person he feels he should be. The vibes are solid here and this is a terrific song for 2020 to stop the decline.

Let the breeze in your ears here on Soundcloud.

Head to Bandcamp to support this fine young artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LegitWord wonders in with back tingling masterpiece ”Black Ink”

Producer and musician LegitWord has just given us a masterpiece. The beat is so intricate during the track and sneaks up to you. The build is so impressive and the bass settles in to your mind perfectly. I love the soothing vocals and they compliment the message expertly. This has to be a theme track to a series soon, this is clearly cinematic.

Black Ink” is a mystical marvel that has raised the level here in 2020. This is genre defying and can’t be placed into any box. There is Lo-Fi Hip Hop here with a sprinkling of soul that is quite incredible. One of the best songs of the year without doubt.

You feel like you are perhaps wasting time and you can brush it off from your mind. The smoke blows through your soul and inside you start to open up after the carnage is complete. You start to think clearer and realize that you need to move forth. The time is now.

My goodness. That feeling when you hear a song that grabs at your senses and forces you to lock tightly in? Quite lovely to say the least.

We await the EP that LegitWord has cooked up and ”Perspective” drops on 28th July. Add it to your calendar now.

To find out more about this artist I’d recommend you slide through to Facebook.

Stream this soulful stunner here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lofi Hip-Hop quickfire love statement from Spectacle with ”Hey I Won’t Break Your Heart”

In life words count but actions speak much louder. Are you simply saying things to get what you want or are you doing this for a deeper meaning?

US rapper Spectacle is back with a new song and this is a statement release from the young emcee. He is very clear here and wants his lover to know that in no way will he break their heart. These are the only lyrics in the song so he can’t be anymore clear. The beat is new school and will be popular while cranked hard and loud in cars this summer while cruising with the homies especially with that trippy ending. ”Hey I Won’t Break Your Heart” bellows from the rooftops as he states exactly how he feels. I believe him.

Ellensburg, United States in the home for Zachary Paul Wilson aka Spectacle. He loves making music especially with those that are excited about the artwork as a whole. Expect more music from this passionate emcee who is just getting started in the rap game.

Click here to listen to this emotional statement of love from this up and coming Hip Hop artist right here on his growing Soundcloud page of artwork.

For videos of this artist head right through to his YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Laizlo – Fully Rely: Cathartically Groove-Fuelled Jazz

If you could imagine walking into a Jazz bar on acid set that’s pretty much what you can expect from the up and coming artist Laizlo’s latest single Fully Rely.

Offering equal measure of catharsis and groove the instrumental only progression unwinds, the track may only be 1:18-minutes long, but God damn, I’ve listened to 7-minute long tracks which didn’t take me as far into the soundscape as Fully Rely. The lucidly light melodies are composed to flow in a timeless fashion. A lot of people believe that Jazz is a pretty hard genre to immerse yourself in, yet, you’re really left with no option when it comes to Laizlo’s authentically bewitching arrangements.

You can check out Fully Rely for yourselves along with Laizlo’s 2018 debut album ‘Frog’ by heading over to Spofify and getting lost in the ambience of the short, yet perfectly orchestrated tracks. Now, I know, you’ll have your preconceptions about Jazz, yet in the hands of the Canadian producer, the classical style is infused with elements of Soul, R&B and Lo Fi Hip Hop.

Review by Amelia Vandergast