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Edmonton Lo-fi artist Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s drop sensually-stimulating debut track, ‘Draft Punks’

Steering us into the first-ever release that sizzles enticingly like a tasty steak getting cooked to perfection on the hot barbecue, Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s catches our attention with a tease-fueled release that will have you feeling like this is going to be something different to the rest with ‘Draft Punks‘.

Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s is the Lo-fi synth solo project of Edmonton, Canada-based Luis Lamela who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied music in Berklee College in Buenos Aires and currently runs a home boutique studio where he releases his materials through his publishing company, LFL Music Publishing.” ~ Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s

Displaying a real charisma and an effortless attraction, Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s have a magnetic appeal that seems to coat your energies with skilful effect – as you close your eyes and imagine that night – you just knew you were with someone who radiates alluring captivation beyond comprehension.

Draft Punks‘ from Buenos Aires, Argentina-born Lo-fi synth solo artist Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s, is a catchy new single that appears to be all about being so delighted you are with someone who you are so proud to be seen with. Mixed to a stunning level of enjoyment – this is a promising release from a talented artist – who is only just getting started and sounds hungrier than most to succeed where others fail daily.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t tip them off: Canada’s Alicia Lov shows her bad girl side on the dangerously exhilarating debut ‘Criminal’

Her mind going darker from this wild world around us, Alicia Lov sneaks in with her debut single full of flair and intrigue called ‘Criminal‘.

Alicia Lov is a young and supremely talented Canadian indie r&b/pop singer/dancer/violinist/cellist with Spanish roots, who is surely on the rise to the very top, with her tremendous voice that picks your pocket with a cheeky wink and somehow leaves you smiling at the same time.

We are drawn into the story of her alter-ego, the girl that does what she wants and won’t stop until she gets there. The taste is already in her blood flow and she can’t get enough, her claws are out and once she has her mind on something she won’t let go. The trap beat gets the pulsating feelings snapped into action, as you handcuff your ears to the speakers and let her take you away, on this hazardous journey to the back streets of the world.

With sensual vocals that lifts you into a pleasurable but anxious state, her wild nature seeps into your heart as you feel her dissatisfaction with her current predicament, as she ponders the dark side. Her voice is translucent and exciting, you feel the mystique and her young impressionable mindset is weighing up which road to embark on.

Criminal‘ from Edmonton, Canada’s future star Alicia Lov, is that catchy indie-pop dance track that is full of potentially risky decisions that have made her think from a different perspective, as she grapples with these feelings that will hopefully make her wiser as she matures naturally.

With a sumptuously elegant vocal delivery, she dazzles with a debut track you won’t easily forget.

Stream this rebel single here on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canada’s Yvngcatch spins in with ”Hot Wheels”

Edmonton, Canada is the home of Yvngcatch and he sprints in with ”Hot Wheels”.

Replaying the motions of my life through music has always been this young artist’s means to escape. Music might be the only thing keeping his generation alive. This is a self-aware man that is aware of that who intends to do his part in sharing his whole heart with you. We’ve stayed numb for too long. This is the mantra of Yvngcatch who shows maturity beyond his years.

The beat sways in like an old pro with a lyrical delivery this is clear and the beat is like cruisin’ in the clouds. There is no spinning here which is a testament to not lose focus. This is a cool like summer breeze kind of flow that is all for us to see in 2020.

Canada’s Yvngcatch has raised the bar here with his brand new track called ”Hot Wheels”.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Head through to Soundcloud now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Canadian Indie-Folk singer Rachel Gleddie releases stunningly beautiful debut ”Catacomb”

There are rare moments when you hear a song and it completely changes your day. This just happened when I turned this soulfully sweet song on full volume. It shows how music can heal you up and get you in the right mindset.

We can be our own biggest obstacle sometimes and it can really hold you back. When you break though the feeling is immense and you unlock so much that you have been missing. The pure-voiced Rachel Gleddie from Edmonton in Canada has just released her first ever song and it’s of such quality you would think she has been doing this for years. ”Catacomb” takes us through the fear of being burned and just keeping things simple. This is such a true message and so relevant right now during these wild times on planet earth. I’m so glad that Rachel found a way to unlock herself out and is now flying, free as a bird with the wind at her back. She sings with such beauty and the guitar sounds make me feel happy and warm inside. This is stunning indie-folk up there with the best. Peaceful music with a true message. Rachel Gleddie is a name to watch and I hope she tours soon so we can watch her live.

Stream more from this upcoming talent with so much soul right here on her Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen