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Cynical Order – Deus Ex Machina: Dark EDM Meets Metal

All too often we’re forced to choose between EDM and raucously heavy guitars, yet Cynical Order’s latest single “Deus Ex Machina” caters to all of your aural needs through one captivatingly experimental soundscape. I thought I had pretty much heard it all when it came to EDM, evidently not. The guitars and electronic beat don’t actually sit together, instead, it’s almost as though there is no connection between the two layers of the soundscape. Whilst that doesn’t sound like the greatest serving of aural alchemy you are likely to hear, you’d be surprised. As your attention bounces between the anthemic rock guitars and the high-pitched notes of the synth in the instrumental mix it’s impossible not to become hooked.

You can check out Deus Ex Machina for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast