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Code Canary – Album Review – Cuddly EDM Electro

It’s always a welcome surprise when I hit play on a new track and have to pick my jaw up from the floor. The intro track to Code Canary’s debut album ‘Substance’ instantly blew me away with it’s reminiscence to some of my favourite Alt Rock Electronica Industrial bands of all time.

Since Trent Reznor can’t be bothered to make decent music anymore, a fresh new collective of German musicians behind the EDM band Code Canary have stepped up to the plate with their debut album. Their music lies somewhere in between the sounds of Nine Inch Nails, Placebo & My Bloody Valentine, but if truth be told. I’ve never heard anything like the soundwaves that Code Canary have orchestrated.  Each of the 11 tracks ring with their own tune of stylish perfection that could loosely be described as cuddly EDM. The vocals are succinct and sweet and help you to soak up the passion that has been poured into each track where the beats bleed their own veracity through their poignant mix of murky bass-synths, dark beats and moody guitars.

The album is now available to listen to via Spotify, go check it out!

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Review by Amelia Vandergast