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Kate Thomas – Stone Pillow – A Driven Single Where The Energy Of Rock Blends In With The Intimacy Of Folk

Kate Thomas is an artist with a unique approach to rock and folk music. Her sound is laced with powerful guitar melodies and energetic vocal performances that feel fierce and spontaneous. There are many layers to the artist’s sound and vision: Amazingly, Kate set out to combine a simple songwriting approach with a very personal and unique twist to bring her music to life. Her recent release, “Stone Pillow”, is a perfect example of how the artist goes about building an intricate plot of sonic textures and atmosphere, upon which she is able to lay down a compelling flow of expertly written lyrics with an emotional overtone.

This release is a remarkable sign of growth and accomplishment from an artist who has really progressed, one song at a time, showcasing a lot of passion and commitment to her art.

“Stone Pillow” is certainly one of those songs that would immediately get classed for heavy rotation in your personal playlist, and we’re certain you won’t be getting tired of it anytime soon!