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Keep your friends close and enemies closer: ‘Living in fear of’ by Ammar shows his self-awareness with those around him

The energetic¬† and sweaty start catches your attention right away. We are quickly drawn in deep by these creatively amazing sounds, and wonder what is in store next. Ferociously fast vocals then blend into the Electronic-Hip Hop track with much bluster and energy, this is a dazzling daze of a single made with intentions to prove yourself right. Ammar shows his frustration with those petty and small minded folk that don’t understand his journey on ‘Living in fear of‘.

With an assortment of genres that mesh quite nicely into a quick-fire track with meaning, this is about about spending too much energy on those people that love to bring you down in life. This is a sad occurrence but one that you can grow from, and learnt to deal with, despite how petty it is.

The supremely edgy sound is so fiery and gets you in the mood to deal with some negative humans, that you are completely sick of. The rap style is layered with the electronic vibes that is drummed so enthusiastically, and this is such a true message, sung and rapped with reckless abandon.

This firecracker fuse is lit so brightly and the sparks are all over the place to make this such an entertaining listen. The passion is so catchy and cool, the song is less than two minutes and you will remember this all day.

Ammar opens the book into his vivid world with so much appeal on ‘Living in fear of’. This is a lesson to us all to brush away of all those that want to ruin your vibe, this is your life and you want to be happy as that is all that matters. Not the thoughts of small minded people, who don’t get what you are trying to achieve.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen