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The impressive Nic Silver drops debut song called ‘Reborn in a Dream’

Nic Silver returns with his new electronic-powered single called ‘Reborn in a Dream‘.

Nic Silver is a Swedish artist and electronic music producer based in London. He has a marvelous feel for the sounds that emanates from his brain, soul and blossoming beard.

I feel like this song has taken me back to the 80’s somehow. The sounds are earthy and fresh, there are lots of colors and the vibe is alight like a beautiful burning candle. The waxy grooves are entertaining, my mouth is getting thirsty imagining being on the dance-floor, getting all sweaty while listening to this vibe live.

I do feel reborn after this experience and that is exactly what Nic Silver wanted. ‘Reborn in a Dream‘ transports you like a fantasy-fulfilling vivid dream and you feel like things are going to be okay. Life is to be enjoyed and danced to, not cooped up outside.

Stream this succulent synth-fest that will make you blush on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen