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Time to ditch the filter: Gybz (feat. Madslee) is the truthful warning about the perils of social media in modern day society on ‘Plastic Kisses’

Gybz (feat. Madslee) is the debut song from these two incredible creatives and they send us a message that we all need to heed on ‘Plastic Kisses‘.

British-Asian musician/producer Gybz joined forces with Ecuadorian artist Madslee for this catchy new indie pop/electronic single that they have been keen to release for a while now.

After becoming friends while attending University in Manchester, they formed an unbreakable bond after shared music interests and also of this very important topic of a different life on social media for some. They explore this scary world on a tender song you will find hard to ignore, as the simmering beat and exhilarating vocals seeps into your body perfectly.

Social media can be so fake and its so great to hear a message like this about a subject that is often ignored and swept under the mouse. Being real to yourself and your friends is so vital, otherwise you can get lost under the filters and never emerge like you were before again, lost to the real world forever.

The sad reality is that somehow so many have been brain-washed into thinking that you need to look like Insta models to be liked when actually, that is so far from the truth. With the personal touch, these two talented musicians bring light to such a vital topic on a song you will want to play again and again.

Plastic Kisses‘ from UK’s  Gybz (feat. Madslee) is a truly defining song of current and future mental health warnings for those that have unfortunately been taken into the social media space ship. Having honest friends and family around you that can steer you into the right direction, has never been more important than it is today.

Ultimately you don’t want to be with someone that was so incredible before and kisses you with their tender lips, to then be consumed by their looks and return to be somewhere else when you see them again. Staying in reality is the only way to be truly happy long-term after all.

Hear the realness on YouTube and see the social journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen