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Dynamic Flows and Hip-Hop Romance: Doubzz’s ‘Ecstasy’

Doubzz, the talented hip-hop artist, delivers a captivating love ballad with “Ecstasy.” While the use of autotune might be prevalent in today’s production landscape, Doubzz showcases his exceptional flow and lyrical prowess, ensuring that there is never a dull moment in this energetic and heartfelt track.

“Ecstasy” opens with a melodic backdrop and a touch of autotune, setting the mood for a romantic journey. Doubzz’s flow takes centre stage, effortlessly transitioning from rapid-fire lyrics to more simplistic lines, showcasing his versatility as an artist. His delivery is filled with passion and emotion, drawing listeners into the story he paints with his words.

The production quality of the track is solid, with a polished sound that complements Doubzz’s dynamic performance. The combination of melodic elements and catchy beats creates an infectious rhythm that keeps the energy high throughout the song.

Doubzz’s social media presence can be found on Instagram [@d.o.u.b.z.z], providing fans with a platform to connect and stay updated on his musical journey.

“Ecstasy” by Doubzz is a dynamic hip-hop love ballad that showcases the artist’s exceptional talent and lyrical prowess. Despite the reliance on autotune, Doubzz’s flow and energetic delivery make the track an engaging listening experience. With his undeniable passion for music and dedication to his craft, Doubzz is poised to bring great music to the world.

Burst of Electricity: Ilustrado feels that sensational spark of passion on Ecstasy

Wrapped in an illuminating bundle of vitality which shall shock many, Ilustrado shall send our minds into a thrilling place of pure sensual enjoyment on Ecstasy.

Ilustrado is a New York-based Manila, Philippines-born indie EDM artist and music producer who slams the door shut on any doubters with blazing hot creations to savour.

After finishing his studies, he carved out a career in opera, musical theater, and sacred music with critical acclaim. When all his performances took a hit during the 2020 pandemic, he turned to songwriting as a creative outlet and rediscovered his passion and gift for it. Finding his renewed artistic calling at a time when the world stood still, Ilustrado is currently producing the Pearl Drive Project – his first anthology of works in rock, soul, and dance.” ~ Ilustrado

With a locked in spirit which will please many ravenous souls, Ilustrado has changed the game with a true ear-heater which might make many humans blush with excitement.

Ecstasy from New York-based EDM artist and music producer Ilustrado is one of the steamiest efforts so far in 2022. Drenched in so much glorious splendour to turn up loud, this is a sexy track for all those sweaty nights when two souls have decided to connect as one.

Listen up to this fine single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Escapism: Mindful Music Riddled with Complexity for Your Ambient Ecstasy.

Escapism are back with their brand-new album ‘Happy Healthy Safe Smart’. From the moment I hit play on the title track, it was obvious, that a pioneering album was about to unfold. And oh, how right I was.

Escapism is the project of solo artist Evan Montoya; based in Colorado, he uses his talent to weave technical blends, vivid imagery, and evocative sound into his music. His music allows you to share with him his deep exploration into thought.

Transcending ambience flows unequivocally through the entire feature with breakdowns that will leave you trying to catch your breath. The music flows with a hypnotic lull that’s truly immersive.

The complex cacophony of beats that unfold throughout the tracks are clearly an insight to the talent of one of the greatest electronic music producers this side of the 90’s.

The whole emphasis of the tracks on this ground-breaking album have a poignant emphasis on the tone and atmosphere of the music which creates a truly subversive structure.

There’s no predictability in the duration of the album, the breakdowns and pick-ups flow with perfective polishing. I have no doubt in my mind that this release will make Escapism a band that everyone’s talking about.

As Brian Eno said back in ’78, ambient electronic music is designed to be ignorable as it is interesting. Which is exactly the essence of ambience which Escapism have captured in their music, through the flowing throbbing rhythms that hit that sweet sensory spot and have you headed for minimalistic ecstasy.