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Ionia take our breaths away with their latest single ‘Eclipsed’ (feat. Brian Bath)

Taken off their recently-dropped 9-track album ‘In Layman’s Terms‘, Ionia returns with the time-shall-disappear new single that will have you totally hypnotised by such a beautiful creation on ‘Eclipsed(feat. Brian Bath).

Ionia is a Los Angeles, California-founded prog-rock trio who started their dream sharing back in college when the idea to make music slowly formulated into reality.

What started as strictly a Progressive Rock project has gone on to acquire a broader set of influences, with nods to artists such as Nick Drake, The Red House Painters, R.E.M. and Slowdive.” ~ Ionia

Sending us a stunning release that has you totally transfixed from start to finish, Ionia is on absolute fire with an excellent new single that captures the mood of the current world just right.

Proudly an international band, Ionia continues to develop under one working motto, and that is to write the best songs they possibly can, whenever they can.” ~ Ionia

Eclipsed(feat. Brian Bath) from Los Angeles, California-founder prog-rock trio Ionia is a stunning single that has been created with a caring aura that has you totally mesmerized by the quality buzzing in your ears. With a cinematic ambience that only soars higher and higher as the single opens before you, this is a single that will have rock fans frothing from their mouths at what has been created. Sometimes music takes you places you almost forget existed, with a powerful tone that has you the capability to help you move easily in between worlds as you wish.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen