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Finding that light again: London’s The Pink Nostalgia drop instant inspirational classic with ‘Pluto’

The Pink Nostalgia have one of the best band names in the game and they back it up with an outstanding new single about finding hope again called ‘Pluto‘.

Stained Glass Elephant Records signed North West London alt-electronic duo The Pink Nostalgia, are the type of group that mesmerize with an authentic type of stunningly-lit sounds that transmits so sweetly into the deepest part of your bones.

Consisting of supremely talented multi-instrumentalists Joseph O’Gorman and David Woodford, they fuse eclectic soundscapes to levels your heart will beat faster with and take you to places you didn’t know existed.

This is the deeply real story of how sometimes in life you get so low, you can’t eat for days and feel so down and lethargic. Your heart feels totally smashed and there is that sunken feeling in your body. You need to get out fast otherwise the treacherous quicksand will pull you under- as your hand reaches upwards- stretching to be held and pulled upwards by a kind soul, who truly cares about you.

The lovely vocals are meshed so beautifully together as you remember talking about stars are being wrapped into each others arms- life was so perfect and you wish you could have this moment back.

With an exciting assortment of instruments and variety, you listen to each second so intently as this is a special song that you don’t hear often. Its made with love and care, the spectacular build makes your body shiver and you could feel a tear drop onto your cheeks as you are put into a trance of reflection.

Pluto‘ from London alt-electronic duo The Pink Nostalgia fills your soul with a meaningful story that is very real if you have ever felt depressed, or dealt with a close one in a scary downward spiral. This is a track that was made with an inside look into what that feels like and rings the bell on anyone that needs help right now during these extremely challenging times on earth.

Life can be so harsh sometimes and when you feel like are at your lowest, you feel like you will never get out. Luckily we have music like this to help us dig ourselves out and flourish brightly again.

Hear this instant classic on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen