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Class Personified: Italy’s Lorenzo Carulli makes his magnificent skills look ‘Easy Peasy’

Taken off his brand new eight-track album called ‘Present Past‘, Lorenzo Carulli entertains us tremendously with his signature style, that shows the world that if you have that elusive belief, things can actually be ‘Easy Peasy‘.

Lorenzo Carulli is an engaging classical pianist and composer from Lecce, who is now based Rome in Italy. He makes that rare and magnificent type of music, which gives your back shivers of delight all over your fragile spine, his world class skill level eases your mind from a torrid world and into the fields of joy.

You feel his spectacular style blending from classical to his originals, he is a master at work and clearly marvels at the chance to show the world what all those years of practicing for hours a day, have done to his flawless technique. His fingers seem to roam free and his hands are at one with the piano, their souls connected as you feel so much soul-healing from this quality performance.

Easy Peasy’ from the brilliant Rome-based pianist and composer Lorenzo Carulli, is an entertaining effort that shows you how much fun he has whilst doing what he truly loves. He takes us on a journey that makes you smile, has you bewildered by his incredible skills, and brings you to a happy place where it counts deep within.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen