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Andelo made an irresistible jazz-pop plea in ‘Take it Easy on Me’

Easy listening has never been easier than slipping into the superlative slice of jazz, Take it Easy on Me, from the artist and producer, Andelo. It is a far jazz pop cry from Andelo’s internationally accoladed and celebrated former releases, which pay homage to 80s pop and rock anthems, but there’s no doubt that jazz-pop is also one of his wheelhouses. His signature theatrical flair is more nuanced in the jazzy ensemble, but it resounds all the same, especially when the swooning sax lines proliferate the single with seduction.

The flourishing piano keys, bluesy guitar licks and steady percussive fills tightly enmesh to deliver a sensuously mellifluous platform for the featuring female vocalist’s vulnerable harmonies that project the fear of getting burned in a new relationship when you can still feel the sting of old flames dying out. We’ve all been there; few can allude to the sensation as soulfully.

Take it Easy on Me is available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano in His New Jazz Blues Album

One of Verona’s most timelessly untainted pianists and composers, Stefano Freddi, has bestowed a boatload of romanticism on the airwaves with his new four-track jazz-blues album, Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano.

Contrary to the title, Freddi and the piano have been long acquainted; he started learning at six before making a stage debut at 14 and never looking back. Before making his 2021 debut, Freddi graduated in jazz piano at the E. F. Dall’Abaco State Conservatory of Music in Verona. He also played keys for symphonic pop orchestras and artists including Marco Carta, Stevie Biondi, Denise Dimé, Antonella Ruggero, Annalisa Minetti, Cheryl Porter, Durga Mc Broom, and Lorelei Mc Broom.

The release starts with the dreamy timbered jazz piano in Misty, which instantly kicks you into easy-listening mode as you drink in the intricately arranged jazz piano romanticism. Track three, Lover Man, gravitates around a slightly more intense aural reflection of passion before the concluding single, Days of Wine and Roses, is enough to prove that there is no such thing as unrealistic romantic expectations.

Stefano Freddi Meets the Piano will officially release on June 2nd. You can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast