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Searching for inspiration: Halfgrass heat up the airwaves with tremendous new single ‘Stall’

Taken off their recent gritty 9-track album called ‘Raw Hackles‘, Halfgrass are electrically charged to sizzle, on their lead single about baking in the heat of the world on ‘Stall‘.

Eastvale, California-based five-piece indie-rock/gnarcore act Halfgrass, makes that atmospherically advanced music that simmers into your mind and makes you think deeply about life, to find out more about what you are doing with yourself. They are a powerfully tuned band with lots of loudly impressive riffs and deep lyrics that swirl into your consciousness, giving your heart a wake-up call.

His vocals tell you a deep story of frustration with current events as the band swarm the speakers and gives him a much-needed lift. They magnetically transform the track beyond belief and we are taken into the desert, where we find a singer who needs help with this cooked up world of confusion.

Stall‘ from South Californian band Halfgrass is the story of looking for that inner desire again after a crazy few months. You feel sluggish and burnt out, your body feels broken and you need a break away from the burning heat. Tomorrow will be a better day and perhaps your soul will cool down, so you can re energize to soar in the sky again.

Stream this top notch single on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

On the next level upwards: Azariel Fly is only concerned with going to the top on street-hop banger ‘Finest!’

Taken off his recently dropped 2nd EP tilted ‘Boisfinest‘, ‘Finest!’ is the adrenaline-inducing new track from the ultimate mood sky-master Azariel Fly.

Azariel Fly is a fashionable multi-skilled Eastvale, California-based rapper who makes uplifting music to fully entertain his loyal fans with his witty lyricism and never give-up attitude that is shown vividly in his music.

The new chapter in his life begins. This is an emcee who is fully erasing all the toxic distractions from his life as he wants more than the regular. He has seen the talk and seen what happens if you grow moldy in the same place for too long as talk is so cheap in this crazy world.

Life is meant to be about life-changing adventures and moving upwards to reach your goals; this is the target in mind and he is stompin’ out all small-minded haters with an eraser.

With a thumping beat that wakes you up from any covid-related slumber, this is a fine street-hop track that would be perfect for cruising around with, your top off, sunglasses on and with the real team. The crew that actually get it and are on the same wavelength as you and want you to succeed.

Finest! from Azariel Fly is a fresh track from the Northwestern Riverside County rapper who has that Cali swag and smooth style, that gets all the fashion plaudits as he raps with that extra hunger and well-received rhythm.

When you believe you are really great, it can either go well and you thrive; or you get too into yourself and the wheels fall off rather quick. If he can stay focused and build his team smartly, there is no limit to what this young emcee can achieve in life.

Push the dial up to enjoy the high quality track on Spotify and see his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen