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Good Enough: Superb South African singer Asah M inspires the ladies in Barkly East with ‘Sophumelela’ (feat. Dumisani Uyehova)

As she sings gloriously to give us much-needed hope and light where there is unwanted anxiousness and darkness at every corner, Asah M is at her absolute best with her new heartwarming single called ‘Sophumelela(feat. Dumisani Uyehova).

Asanda Masawe aka Asah M, is a sensationally talented South African Afro-pop singer-songwriter. She is so inspired by her hometown — as she wants to be a leading figure — to be an uplifting role model to all those who want to do something special with their lives.

After the success of her debut single ‘Fak’imali‘ from 2020, we are treated to a quality verse from Dumisani Uyehova and we are witness to a glorious song, that brushes away all the dusty doubts, to fill you up with positive energy. The beat is so welcoming and you can’t help but jive along, as you get wrapped eagerly into this catchy song with a real message.

“As the only female aspiring musician in my hometown, I wanted to inspire all the talented young people and show them nothing is impossible.” – Asah M

Sophumelela(feat. Dumisani Uyehova) from the Barkly East, Eastern Cape, South Africa Afro-pop singer-songwriter Asah M, is that call to unite and to put all doubts away to never be seen again. She sings with a grace and determination that you can feel from the pure soundscape, that is seamless in delivery.

This is a hungry talent who is flying free to do what she has wanted to do since she was a little girl. Her time is now.

Stream this gloriously created single on Spotify and see more with her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen