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Teddy at Night feels bad but can’t help the way she makes him feel with ‘Stole Your Lover’

Taking us on a captivating journey that takes you into a time that will either thrill some or upset others, Teddy at Night is just being himself and shrugs his shoulders at anyone who brings bad vibes to the table on ‘Stole Your Lover‘.

Teddy at Night is an East Nashville, Tennessee-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter who makes a stimulating brand of music that takes you back to the good ol’ days.

While playing other people’s music internationally for ten years, Teddy crafted his own sound after hours under the neon lights.” ~ Teddy at Night

With an honest atmosphere that takes you into a whole new world of imagination, Teddy at Night turns up the volume and has our speakers shaking with sensual energy that will certainly spark up your attention.

Stole Your Lover‘ from East Nashville, Tennessee-based indie alternative solo artist Teddy at Night is a sumptuous single made by a fast-rising artist who keeps it cool and casual throughout this bedroom-busting single. This is the story about taking someone away who probably wasn’t yours – but wasn’t really theirs either – so the emotions aren’t really fussed about the potential drama that could change everything.

This is the kind of song for anyone who has felt slightly bad for a romantic situation that unfolded unexpectedly into your lap, just like you have just drawn a royal flush without even trying.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Basement Brain release album Big Things

Indie artist Basement Brain has dropped their eight-track collection, ‘Big Things’ with a variety of sounds, through these truly mesmerising pieces.

There’s something about basement brain that as soon as you listen you’re instantly hooked. Infusing that Indie sound through the calming sound of the instrumentals and the eerie brittle vocals that are filled with this roar emotion that pours through each word that is sung.

Having that powerful use of the acoustic guitar strings clasping together to create that melodic tune, the way it automatically connects with the vocals is what makes these tracks such incredible pieces, they flow together perfectly never out of tune and together they make this truly remarkable sound.

It’s safe to say that the vocals are insane, they’re unique and have their own style and tone, one that you don’t hear a lot of and that’s why basement brain is one that stands out because everything about the music is their own style and not copied from other artists.

Each track on this anthology is a hit, it has a lot of feelings running in and out, through the slight crack in the voice as the emotion fills up, the way in which the acoustic guitar has this in tune upbeat instrumental. It’s an amazing Album, to say the least, and one that should be given all the recognition.

Listen to basement brain’s single Big Things by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall