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East Detroit’s Cloudy Skiies freestyles on debut Hip Hop release called ”Pope”

Cloudy Skiies is a young American rapper from East Detroit in the USA. He slams down the bars on the hungry debut track called ”Pope” that throws down the gauntlet in the Hip Hop world.

This is a freestyle type song that is fresh and real. Cloudy raps really well and shows lots of grit and determination on this one. He let’s it known that he isn’t down with any cops and any other fake people. He wants to become huge in the Hip Hop game and isn’t letting anything or anybody stand in his way.

Pope” is a well-laid out tune that has proven popular already despite barely being out. This shows what a loyal fan-base this young rapper has and this bodes well for the future.

East Detroit rapper Cloudy Skiies¬†is a name to watch as he storms out the gates with ”Pope”. He is clearly in the mood to get his name out and has used the corona times to fine-tune his skills and bring out music. If he can stay focused and connect with the right cats that believe in him, we could be witnessing a new bright name in Hip Hop.

Stream this new track on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen