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Ringing In My Ears: Wise Woman rises from the deep on Fen Woman

Taken from the recent 4-track EP called Thread, Wise Woman moves mountains and changes the oceans back to a captivating crystal blue on the rather wonderfully sweet new single Fen Woman.

Wise Woman is an East Anglian/ Welsh power-folk foursome who brings back that 90s girl vibrancy which will ignite the spirits within our deepest souls.

With a blend of folk, jazz and blues mixed with that creative musical theatre, Wise Woman takes us to the light and shows us what is possible if strong hearts can join together as one. This is a cinematic-like experience which might calm all fears away in just an instant, just like the truly world-class outfits do.

Fen Woman from East Anglian/ Welsh power-folk foursome Wise Woman is a special song which deserves all the love possible. Projected with so much love and fearlessness, we find a scintillating soundtrack to rise up from all depths. Layered rather expertly and features dynamic energy which will inspire us all to keep on flying upwards, no matter what obstacles are present.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen