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Eashwar Subramanian- ‘Electonic Gharana 2.0’ a track unlike anything you’ll hear on your alternative radio station

Fusing genres can feel like a culmination of different worlds expanding into each other and opening up possibilities that could never exist in isolation. From the first time Run DMC and Aerosmith smashed down the walls (literally) between hip hop and rock, artists have been striving to juxtapose the right combination of elements for more unprecedented alchemic reactions of music. These days, we’ve looked to artists like Flume to fuse the ever-growing technologies of electronic music  with the ageless qualities of organic sound. From Bangalore, India comes Eashwar Subramanian with a track unlike anything you’ll hear on your alternative radio station. Electronic Gharana 2.0 has been unleashed and we’re going to have to wonder what to do with all of this new inspiration.

Electonic Gharana 2.0 blends fast and powerful jungle beats straight out of your favorite chillwave EDM with the organic nature of what many in the Western World can only lazily call “World Music.” It should make sense that whilst in search of inspiration, we turn to cultures themselves and the traditional music of peoples who have passed down their songs and styles for centuries. With such a rich foundation, the attention of a talented composer such as Eashwar Subramanian is all that’s needed to bring forth something that feels both familiar and entirely new, both synthetic and organic, both energetic and atmospheric. You needn’t have ever heard anything like this track to enjoy it wholeheartedly, but remember that when it comes to sampling an unfamiliar culture, be sure to take examples as singular bits of an unimaginably greater whole. This track could inspire entire movements if taken for its merit. Only time will tell.