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Be Careful: Vintage Norwegian rock band Electric High thunder in with abundant energy on ‘Go Easy on My Heart’

With a robust energy that sends your anxious soul into a frenzied state of desired excitement, Electric High athletically rips through our delicate speakers, on their new single taken off the latest five-track EP called ‘Go Easy on My Heart‘.

High-powered Bergen, Norway-based four-piece rock band Electric High, are an experienced outfit who make that spectacular sound, that ruffles a few feathers and wakes up the pesky neighbors, just the way they intended their music to be enjoyed.

This is the story about asking the person you really like to be careful with your heart as it can’t take being broken too many more times. You feel that they are grabbing your strings already and this could be exciting, but certainly dangerous.

You feel their class from the first verse, as the power of having two vocalists shines though and leads a light beam to the band who know what each other is doing like the back of their hand, as they give us a groovy lesson in that pure rock n roll.

Go Easy on My Heart‘ from the ear-splitting Norwegian band Electric High, calumniates in a brooding sound that captures your mind as they smash all glass windows out from the houses around you, with their mesmerizing sound that reminds us all of the classic days of rock. This is a terrific throwback from a quality act.

Hear this electric new single on Spotify and see their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen