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Dystopia Punk

Campbell brings groovy music and snakes on ‘Dystopia Punk’

The cool happy-go-lucky Punk Rockers that your Mum would love to meet are back and Campbell send us back to the good times with their ‘Dystopia Punk‘.

Campbell is a bunch of talented musicians from Columbus in Ohio that make genuine music without taking themselves too seriously. They are heavily influenced by Pavement, Sonic Youth, Wilco, Refused, and Fishmans but maintain their own style throughout. This is such fun music that gets the party started.

Dystopia Punk‘ is a modern observation of the current state of the world, as it self-destructs and its inhabitants are pushed away. Self-recorded and self-mixed in the Campbell home studio shack, ‘Dystopia Punk‘ which is off of Campbell’s 2nd album, ‘Kokomo Danglies‘, is a soundtrack to put on as the world slowly burns. It is truly hard to wake up and not be like, “yo is this shit real life?” Everything is Crazy.

Campbell was founded in the summer of 2017 by Sean Gleeson and Colin Giacalone, initially intended as a recording project. They released their self-produced, self-titled debut record in June of 2018, with the intention of working with as many Columbus musicians as they could. Shortly after, they formed into a 5-piece band and have gained a following, known for their high energy and often erratic but fun live shows.

This is all about that fun out night out playing music with your buddies. Grabbing the irie and guitar, you seek to have a great evening and not think too far into the future. Life is short and we should all take heed of this message from Campbell’sDystopia Punk‘.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen