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Lets Dance: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines artist Dynamite has his eyes set on the smiling ‘Mamacita’ (prod. by Shando)

Returning with a new Reggaeton vibe and powered by his indie label South-Side Quarry that certainly spices up your mood after many cold days locked inside, Dynamite shows us what all the hype is about on his freshly squeezed new love anthem for the summer called ‘Mamacita(prod. by Shando).

Joel Tyril aka Dynamite, is a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-born indie singer-songwriter, label owner and businessman. He has moved into a Hispanic/English style of music recently, as he is always looking to evolve his sound and push the boundaries with creating hit records.

Inspired by Sizzle, Buju Banton, Burning Spare and Capleton, this is a progressive musician who has also shared the stage with Mattafix, RDX, Kevin Little, The Wixard, Bad Royal and Static in the past. His motivation is clear to hear and he sings with much confidence and heartfelt desire to reach all of the obtainable lofty goals set, that he has written down to manifest for the earth to provide.

This isn’t just any record to me, it’s apart of my journey as a spiritual being having a human experience.” ~ Dynamite

Mamacita(prod. by Shando) from the exciting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-based Reggaeton artist and label owner Dynamite, is that come-and-vibe-with-me right now and let’s dance all night kind of single. With the energy set on a love-filled romantic flow – the bring-the-tequila taste is there for all to sip up enthusiastically –  as the smiles gets bigger and the night turns happily joyful, to having the best evening possible for all involved.

Freshen your ears on Spotify and see more of his Island-filled socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Promise You Won’t Hear From Me: Gabriel Munoz leaves the drama with the front door keys on ‘Sayonara’

After a short hiatus following the success of his first four-track EP that sparked his career into the lights of the willing skyline named ‘Dynamite‘, Gabriel Munoz makes his return in a hugely memorable way with a song that will have you reflecting on when you knew it was time to leave on ‘Sayonara‘.

Gabriel Munoz is a spirited Los Angeles, California-born and bred native, who makes that flirty music which has you smiling and suddenly full of electric energy soaked happily into your enthusiastic veins.

This is the relatable story of dealing with a breakup, as you grew so tired of the constant games and stresses in a relationship that should be so simple. It came to a head and eventually the brakes broke, as you jumped out quick and got as far as you could away from their toxic energies, that were causing you sleepless nights. The time to find a new love is here.

He sings with such a high-spirited tone that is so captivating and you can’t help but drawn into his smoothly delivered voice, that has you so uplifted into the air of freedom once again.

Sayonara‘ from the sprightly LA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Gabriel Munoz, has us feeling firmly fresh again after dealing with that all that unnecessary drama-warped world of totally nonsense. This is the song to play real loud when you are ready to move on, as you know that thinking too much about the past will only leave you in a bad place.

Walking out with a smile on your face and throwing the keys on the table whilst dropping the mic on departure, is the best way to getting that upgrade for your soul.

Hear this goodbye single on Spotify and see more news via his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Kate Russell Releases Awesome Dance-floor Tune “DYNAMITE”

Hey hold up, where are y’all dancing shoes at? Do I just hear someone say nay? Go get it and grab you a partner now and make your way to the dancing floor. Yeah, it’s just about the time you’re told to brace up for one hell of a downtown country spooky rocket ride with Kate Russell on this awesome track DYNAMITE.

Wow, I’m thrilled to even say the least. This song is just an embodiment of hope and groove. Who wouldn’t wanna shake off some work stress and those intricate depressing thoughts on a mid-day like?

This song is well mixed and laid out so well that it throws open that party and happy mood in the atmosphere without any hassle.
Come yeh all you country music lovers, it is time to celebrate and shake move your body but be warned; just like a dynamite, this song will definitely blow you off your feet the moment it hits your lobes of your ear.

A very well composed and electrifying song from Kate, she obviously doesn’t wanna waste no time to put us in that “save me this one last dance” moment. When I say dance I don’t mean waltz or ballad but rather an ultraviolent eccentric dance where all hands and feet are left suspended in the air for a long while.

The percussion and the strings of the electric guitar that steady reverberated further coated the crescent smoothness and gives more flavour to the song.

If you’re not cut out for all those radical and spontaneous dance moves then this song will probably wrench all those rules away and get you intoxicated with its vibe.