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California rockers The Guitar and Whiskey Club are back with their signature aplomb-greatness on ‘Does Your Dog Bite’

Saucing the airwaves with something that might remind you of yesteryear, The Guitar and Whiskey Club break down the door with so much style that the crowd cheers in cheeky delighted excitement on ‘Does Your Dog Bite‘.

The Guitar and Whiskey Club is an experienced Ventura, California-based indie hard rock band that was founded by Jeffrey Donovan and are known for their dynamic stage presence.

The group has already supported some heavies on the scene, including LA Guns, Accept, Vince Neil, The Iron Maidens, Geoff Tate, Dokken and Jack Russell’s Great White.” ~ The Guitar and Whiskey Club

Delighting our ravenous souls with this memorable performance up there with the best of 2022, The Guitar and Whiskey Club shows us their timeless quality yet again with their gritty vocals and skin-splitting guitar skills that shall inspire you to turn up the volume until your eardrums shudder.

Does Your Dog Bite‘ from Ventura, California-based indie hard rock band The Guitar and Whiskey Club, has a definite classic feel to it from all corners of this high-powered release. This is the kind of track that will shake your eardrums just the way fans of this genre like it, as the melodies take you to a simpler time that was all about the music and not the follows. Surging through with fantastic delivery and packed full with that extra piece of brilliant that seems to be lacking in current day releases, this is a track to get your blood rushing just right.

Hear the riffs that memories are made of on Spotify and check out their Facebook page for tour dates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Little Dangerous: Junkie Jo urges the world not to test his patience on ‘Sugar Water’

With a slamming beat filled with that icy-on-the-tongue taste to have us totally riveted but also a little apprehensive at the same time, Junkie Jo brings us the sound of the hungry streets on his latest underground track all about showing everyone that he means business on ‘Sugar Water‘.

Junkie Jo is an underground USA-based indie rapper. He rips the mic off its brittle connector, and flows with a determined vigor on each one of his tracks.

He sends us a dynamic thunderbolt down the hypnotized speakers to tell his admirers that he is way too busy to hook up right now, as what he is on is another mind-blowing level entirely. With a catchy beat which captures the moment and shows you into this fast-paced world he has created in the matrix, there is a fast-paced aura here which is hard to keep up with at times. We find a creative mind that is working at incredible levels throughout this new single with a swagger-packed flow, as he keeps it honest the whole way through, to make his intentions totally clear.

Sugar Water‘ from the USA-based indie hip-hop artist Junkie Jo, is the message that shows everyone – including the girls who won’t leave him alone – that he is ready for the chaos-stacked journey awaiting him, no matter what the consequences are. Life is what you have created after all.

Hear this new track on his Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Try And Rescue My Heart: Russian artist Miliah falls really deep but doesn’t always want saving on her dynamic new single ‘Common’

With a uniquely different style that has you looking deeper into her sensitively strong soul, Miliah knows that she can mostly save herself from all the love-torn hurt and childish games from selfish former lovers, with the breathtaking story about falling down sometimes on ‘Common‘.

Miliah is a St. Petersburg, Russia-based music producer, and indie singer-songwriter. Influenced by various genres such as electronic, RnB, neo-soul and hip-hop, she blends a magnificently fascinating mixture of pure music vibrations for our hungry ears, that is rather intoxicating.

As she sings with such a vivid style that opens the curtain inside her life that has made her so strong, her willingness to do something special really sets her apart. Criminally underrated, you feel her pulsating passion and desire to do things her way, but does need to be caught every now and again, when she does stray too far down under.

Common‘ from the stylishly elegant and highly talented Russian music producer and neo-soul singer Miliah, shows us a woman who knows that she needs help sometimes, but only wants to be with a soul who truly believes in her. After way too many falls and heartbreaks – she is so determined to rise over the small-mindedness – to find her destined path that she has earned through hard work. She is not like the rest and is totally okay with that. Only the brave shall survive anyway.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see more on her vibrant IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dre Bennett has dropped their perception-shifting, gratitude-invoking Hip hop track “Dynamic”

After the success of their debut single “Believe”, up and coming Hip Hop artist Dre Bennett stepped into the recording booth with yet another perception-shifting track with “Dynamic”.

Dynamic captures many different atrocities which we’re facing in 2020, but between the sobering illustrations of injustice are reminders not to take anything for granted. Systematic racial oppression and high unemployment rates are very real issues. But fighting them doesn’t mean you need to resign to hopelessness and despair.

It’s all too easy to fall into an existential hole these days. Fresh and resonant Hip Hop tracks like Dynamic are essential to have on the airwaves to remind you that optimism isn’t impossible, and apathy isn’t the only answer.

With lines like “Your perceptions are not my reality,” you’re forced to consider your personal perception of reality. Dre Bennett’s lyrical wisdom is worth its weight in gold.

You can check out Dynamic along with Dre Bennett’s other releases via Spotify and all other major streaming services via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast