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In A Pretty Place: Catherine Porter recalls those beach-filled heavenly memories on ‘Dune Road’

Co-written by Kevin Malpass, Catherine Porter fondly remembers those incredible memories that shall never be forgotten on the lovely new nostalgic single ‘Dune Road‘.

Catherine Porter is an inspiring New York-based cancer survivor, Mom to a daughter and five year-old maltese/yorkie dog Roxie, blogger, and indie folk singer-songwriter.

Dune Road pays homage to a lifetime of memories of a childhood to adult beach home.” ~ Catherine Porter

You feel her gloriously honey-wrapped voice that is so kindly tender and organically kind, as she remembers those moments that were scary, sad or truly happy, as she takes us to those incredible pictures that can never be traded for anything.

This is such a classy effort from a highly skilled artist who keeps her composure so well here on this highly personal track, which has shown us the vast emotions that come with losing a little piece of yourself deep inside.

After my sister died from Covid last April, my parents decided to sell the house. The day we moved was a tearful day, but I’m oh so grateful for the years I was lucky to grow and flourish there. The memories will always run deep.” ~ Catherine Porter

Dune Road‘ from the wonderfully honest New York-based indie folk singer-songwriter Catherine Porter, is that sunset by the fire type of track that has you feeling the sweet ocean breeze all over your shivering skin. Sung with a pure beauty, she sends a fitting tribute to her lost sister and this wonderful home.

The house you grew up in has sadly been sold, but the vivid memories will be impossible to forget and shall be cherished forever.

Hear this stunning new single on her Spotify and see the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen