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Floored By Flaws And Only Seeing Walls: Kulin Nation band DUEL NATIVE knows where the key is but can’t quite use it yet on ‘Sacrosanct’

With a sacred outlook that knows what needs to done when the time is right, DUEL NATIVE are here with a terrific debut release which will have you feeling rather introspective about your journey on ‘Sacrosanct‘.

DUEL NATIVE is a Kulin Nation, Australia-based alt-rock/folk act which was formed by of half-Trinidadian, half-Hong Kongese musician, architect, and activist, Stephen Choi. He forges together that deeply thoughtful music which is such a riveting listen, for those who have open ears.

Supported by guitarist Leong Chan, percussionist Jarrod Wolfe, and violinist Erin Tidswell, DUEL NATIVE’s original blend of alt-rock and indie-folk encourages introspection, contribution, and connection, through the multiple media of music, film, and theatre.” ~ DUEL NATIVE

You feel the passion in his vocals shining through the mic as he finds which road to move onto – with the support of his excellent band – that bring so much energy to each memorable moment here of that much-vital self-enlightenment search.

An activist through action and not just words, Stephen rode trains, buses, horses, tuk-tuks, campervans, and boats through fifteen countries, three continents, and eleven timezones, to get from London, to his new home, Melbourne. Here, DUEL NATIVE is grateful and privileged to live and work on the stolen lands of the Kulin Nation, in Australia.” ~ DUEL NATIVE

Sacrosanct‘ from the Australian folk/alt-rock outfit DUEL NATIVE, is such a philosophical single which brings many thoughts to the fore as you work out which way you wish to turn. This is the true story of wondering if your dreams are there to assist you or to take you away from what you are doing right now – and if that is indeed the correct path you need to take – in order to be free.

Sometimes life challenges you to truly embark on that map-planned journey you know you need to go on, but for it to be fully successful, you need to be ready in your heart for it all to spark together beautifully.

Stream this excellent debut video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen