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Virginia’s Tennishu drops excellent new single with ‘Good Night Remix’ (feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville)

Bringing us a true story that is interwoven with self-awareness and situational realization, Tennishu takes its slow and guides us into a reflective state of mind to get those thoughts clear again with ‘Good Night Remix(feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville).

Tennishu is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist/multi-instrumentalist and is a full-time member of the progressive group called Butcher Brown.

Known for being equally proficient on trumpet and saxophone, Tennishu is also a lyricist and a rapper with a number of self-released recordings.” ~ Tennishu

As one of the most soulfully aware artists around, Tennishu brings us a chilled single that is filled with great advice and a mellow vibe – that has you turning up the volume gently – and gazing outside the window as you vow to stay in the right zone from all the distractions outside.

Good Night Remix(feat. Dub Gottem, Sam Reed and Fonville) from Richmond, Virginia-based indie Hip hop artist Tennishu, is a groovy track that has you closing your eyes when you are looking into the sky and calming your soul from all the over-stimulation that can easily cloud your judgement if you let it. With an all-star cast on this excellent remix, this is a delightfully melodic single that will have you nodding your head while keeping things in perspective as you vow to be better and not let anything bring you down.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and follow the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen