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Come Home: Lil Nyx takes another sip to drown his feelings on ‘Drunk Alone’ (Reproduced version)

After the phone keeps on ringing with no answer apparent, Lil Nyx tires greatly of waiting on his re-mastered release of the reflective single called ‘Drunk Alone‘.

David Huver aka Lil Nyx, is a self-motivated emo-rap music-inclined Traverse City, Michigan native, who knew he wanted to do this for a living when he was just nine years old. He stories us with an introspective style that opens the doors into your fearful mind, to introduce a state of anxiousness that shows you how wild this world is currently.

After taking this music game seriously just after he left high school, you feel like he is only taking steps upwards thanks to a consistent flow, that has you intrigued and worried about his state of mind.

”Emotions and feelings such as love, lust, and sadness have always been parts of my life and heavily impacted how I live it.”- Lil Nyx

His rap style is deep and thoughtful, with bars that evoke emotional moments that he hasn’t gotten over yet, as stories of mistrust and battling to find a real connection with friends, that is all too familiar in this social media world that was intended to bring us closer, but has done the exact opposite.

Drunk Alone‘ from Michigan’s Lil Nyx, wraps into your head to produce feelings of sadness as you understand his emotions of being alone, whilst taking time to get over this lost love, so that he may find a new blossoming romance that makes his soul happy again.

Hear this real track on Soundcloud and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen